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 Old News - May 1999

 Gameserver shut down due to upgrade  (May 30th, 22.23 GMT)
Blue Byte will shut down the gameserver tomorrow at 10am (Central European Summer Time) for about 7 hours. The big downtime is because of major upgrades for the new World Ranking Lists we have been writing about. The server will be up Monday evening again. /Janx Spirit

 World ranking list information  (May 27th, 18.04 GMT)
Blue Byte announced today that the Settlers 3 World Ranking Lists will be online at the beginning of June. There will be two lists that you can enter:

· Single Player. Where you on your own competes against other players in   colonizing one-on-one worlds.
· Teamplay, where you in clans consisting of two to twenty members fights   for the number one spot on the list.

If you find this idea bad. Don't you worry, you can still play as before, without having the results show up on the lists. The rankinglists is just a special addon to the onlinegaming.

The lists will be updated directly after a game has been finished. The result will be available on the Settlers 3 official website, and there will be plenty of info about each player. The list will basicly be sorted after the number of points each player has gained, but there will also be several sorting possibilities and statistical analysis functions. Number of wins/lost games will be shown as well.

The way every player will be ranked has been widely discussed, and here is what Blue Byte stated about this:

Points will be allocated on a dynamic system which will take factors into account such as your current ranking, how much experience you have accumulated and whether you have specialised in playing a particular race or even a certain map. Basically, the more difficult it appears for a player or clan to win a particular game, the more points can be earned by winning the game! In this way, the two rankings lists will reflect the abilities of the rankings list players on a fair and realistic basis.

Even though this still is just preliminary information, does it seem like Blue Byte has thought of many different aspects here. From what I can tell from these basic facts, will the ranking lists be a success. Hope it will work out in reality though, but as we have learnt from the past, will it probably need some small tweaking to work properly.

Go to the official site for more info. /Janx Spirit

 New logo and staffmenu  (May 25th, 18.11 GMT)
I added a new logo today that will fit better to the new page we'll hopefully get soon.

I have also added a staffmenu to the left so that you can contact us easier. /Ghengis^Khan

 New poll, and minor updates  (May 23rd, 18.07 GMT)
The latest poll has now ended, and the results is quite surprising (at least to me). They show that about half of the players out there keeps getting messages whenever something happens when playing Settlers 3, something I know many can't stand. This is because they don't know how to change this in the setup, but maybe the poll has made them take a second look on the setupmenu. See the results here. Don't forget to vote in our new poll that also is following the "Basic Setup" theme!

I have also uploaded the last saved game to the site, and now can you get every saved game from the original cd from our saved game section.

Some pictures was missing to our roman walkthrough as well, and I have uploaded these, so now can you get even more help from the Guides section. /Janx Spirit

 About the godmode  (May 21st, 22.37 GMT)
There has during the last couple of days been a lot of talk about a hack that will give you godmode in Settlers 3. This means that you will get unlimited resources, settlers, and whatever you can think of. This is ok as long as it is not possible to use in multiplayer. Here is two pieces of text I snapped up on the message board, all written by the man behind this, Jason:

the god mode for settlers is being tested to see if it will work with all the missions on settlers
now alot of people already mail me but if you have questions also ask those and i'll answer them for you
i dont work for BB or anything im a game hacker and i make codes for games
at the end of the month the gode mode will be release

dont worry the god mode that im making will not work in a multiplayer game but there is other codes coming out that can work in multiplayer

This means that Blue Byte will have to put their current projects away for a while and try to find a way so that you won't be able to use this patch in multiplayergames. Otherwise will it probably become quite irritating to play online, and find people using this hack every now and then.

And according to Mark, are there already hacks like this out there, but for the German version only, and I have heard this from other sources as well. It's a shame that people can't survive without cheats. /Janx Spirit

 At last the s2 maps are online  (May 21st, 17.59 GMT)
After some hours have I finally made so you can download s2 maps from here. You can find the maps in the mapsection and we will happily take your maps if you have some, just mail them to /Asterix

 World of Settlers goes IRC  (May 19th, 01.22 GMT)
A lot of people have started to be less active in the English chat on the S3 server since the language and behavior in there has gotten rather bad. Instead, try out, provided to us by Nutty. I'm spending a couple of hours in there every day, and sometimes it's a lot more fun than the lobby (even if you can't start any games from there). All it needs is a few more people, so swing on by!! You can either connect with a normal IRC-client to, or use the javachat, and join the channels #wos and #settlers (and the other channels as well of course).

We are continuing our merger with S3 Village as well. Our hardworking coworker Asterix has moved the Walk throughs for the Romans and Egyptians, so you can now find them in the Tips/Guides section. And some minor updates all over the site has been made in the FAQ, Strategy and S3-team sections. Check it out! /Janx Spirit

 Just some notes...  (May 17th, 23.14 GMT)
Our affiliate, S3 Castle, has made a new layout for their page. It's well worth a look.

I have received a couple of letters from people that want us to have the S2 maps back. We are working on that right now. So please have patience and they will be up sooner than expected. /Roberth

 The new poll is up!  (May 16th, 20.56 GMT)
Lil Red came up with a new idea for the poll. Instead of just throwing out random questions, will we from now on have "themes" for the polls. Starting out with the "Basic Setup". So come back every now and then and vote! We will change questions a little bit more frequently from now on.

Also, Blue Byte has posted yet another press release about the Amazons. There is no big change from the old press release though, and we got more info from Joseph Twu who visited E3 this week, so I won't post the text here. /Janx Spirit

 Technical issues about playing with the Amazons  (May 16th, 12.09 GMT)
More and more info about the Amazons is popping up. A posting on the message board was about if you could play against people who play the amazons, without having the CD yourself. And Dirk Ringe from Blue Byte answered:

When setting up a game the host can decide, whether the amazons will be enabled or not for this game. When they are enabled only owners of the Settlers III Plus CD will be able to join. When not enabled everybody can join the game. So if one player wants to play the amazons all players of the session must be owners of the Plus CD.

It sounds like a good solution to the problem (people with the "normal" cd not having the Amazon graphics and sounds). But we'll just have to wait and see how this will work out in real life. /Janx Spirit

 More info on the Amazons  (May 15th, 22.58 GMT)
As I wrote three days ago, after I got some inside info about the Amazons from BB Jason, I thought we would see even more info about this new race any day now, since Blue Byte showed it to the world at E3 that opened this week. And so we did, here is what the friendly Joseph Twu (Lamebrain/bort) found out at the event:

· They will use a more balanced diet of stone and wood than the Romans.

· Instead of a spy, will they have a thief unit It works just as a spy, besides   when he actually steals something in the enemy territory, he will head   straight back to home. This can cause trouble with enemy troops etc. But   Blue Byte will try to change it so that we can control the thief even after   he has stolen something.

· The big war machine will be a giant magic gong, that shatters towers and   castles with an astounding sound.

· The Amazons will have the basic military troops, but they are stronger than   their opponents. I.e. a fully promoted Amazon swordswoman, will beat a   fully promoted Roman swordsman, in neutral territory. The level of the units   will be displayed with different hair color

· Apparently they will have Alchemists (with an appropriate hut as well) that   with coal and sulfur can make any item you want! (Dunno if this is true   though).

· The new spells are: Capability to move items anywhere on the map.   Freezing of enemy units. Making troops immune to bowmen. A "Forest   curse" (like the stone curse, but with trees). And finally the big one: Ability   to view the whole map for 30 seconds!

Also, they will not have warships or similar things. Just the plain old ships.

Thanks again Joseph for the info! (Which can be read in it's original state on the S3 Official Forum, single player area). /Janx Spirit

 About the amazon movie  (May 15th, 22.39 GMT)
There has been a wild discussion among the players and website runners in the S3 community today. The subject has been the movie on the new Amazon Race The original file was 30 mb, and after Settlers Inn compressed it to 3 mb, everyone wanted to download it (Nutty, who runs Settlers Inn, got 188 hits on the ftp last night. phew!).

However, Blue Byte found out about all this, and went out with a statement, that in short said that their server had been hacked, and that the movie was for internal use only. Well, how come Mark could download it from the public dir on their ftp then? Well anyway, since Blue Byte got upset and sent out mail to everyone they knew about who had the file on their server, many has removed it, since it's copyrighted and therefor illegal to have, so we can't provide you with this movie. Not a big loss though, since the quality is pretty lousy, and you can't make out anything.

Blue Byte has promised us though, that they will release a better movie on the Amazons sometime in the near future, so hang in there, and you'll get a look at them. /Janx Spirit

 Settlers 3 world ranking lists  (May 12th, 20.54 GMT)
Yup. So now will we soon be able to sort out who's the best. Here is a posting by BB Gawain on the message board:

In house beta testing of the program code for the SETTLERS III - World Ranking Lists is now underway. The lists should be available at the beginning of June as an update. It will offer both a ranking for single players as well as a ranking for clans.

To ensure the fairest possible rankings of the various players, several factors will be incorporated into the ranking criteria. Similar to the ELO point system used in chess tournaments, the experience of the players with a particular map, or a certain race and also the player's (or clan's) current ranking position in the World Ranking List will play a role.

Hmm..I just hope I won't hit the bottom of the list. /Janx Spirit

 Inside info about the Amazons!  (May 12th, 20.36 GMT)
I just left a small chat I had with BB Jason who told me some not yet published information about the fourth race, also know as the Amazons.

They will use mead for alcohol. And instead of spies will they have thieves, that can probably walk into someone's territory to take gold and other useful things. (Nice!) They will also have a magic spell that can transport groups of them to any location on the board instantly.

I still do not know how any of this will work, since Jason hurried away to play a round of S3, but since the E3 event started today and The Amazons would be shown to the world there, I guess it won't take long before we can see some more information about those new little serfs. /Janx Spirit

 World of Settlers has reopened!  (May 12th, 20.29 GMT)
Finally, after a lot of turbulence, is World of Settlers back online. The merge with Settlers 3 Village is not fully completed, so expect some trouble on different parts of the site during the next few days. There is still a lot of patches to be uploaded and things like that, but we'll try and finish it as soon as possible.

The current staff at World of Settlers is Janx Spirit, Roberth, Dieter, Asterix and our all beloved Lil Red. Ways to contact us all will be fixed soon as well.

Well, hope you will keep on visiting us in the future, because WoS has never been any better! /Janx Spirit

 Patch Version 1.34 Released  (May 11th)
Blue Byte has released another smaller patch this time to fix the following:

Structure Exceptions:
A problem occurs when you change the priorities of good to be transported.

Desyncs: Due to the pathfinding of the units.
You can download the patch for all versions here.

In other news, Blue Byte has also posted a Map Editor FAQ for all you map creators out there. /Dieter

 Patch Version 1.33 Released!  (May 3rd)
Blue Byte has released a new patch for Settlers 3 and the Settlers 3 Mission CD. Lets see what's new:

· Up to 10 construction sites can now be set as "high priority". These   construction sites are then supplied with all necessary building materials on   a priority basis. Only after these construction sites have been completely   supplied, will all remaining sites receive building materials. Construction   sites which aren't on a priority basis can't order any more workers and   building materials on their way to these construction sites will be dropped   immediately. Wood and Stone will be treated independently of one another.   If only one material is needed at one or more priority sites, the other   material will continue to be sent to the other construction sites.
· New and more attention-getting sounds warn the player when he is being   attacked. Enemy actions are noticed more quickly.
· Setting a working area has been optimized. It's now possible to center the   working area on stones or trees.
· A new button is now available in the message window (small picture). It   allows you to return to the screen location where you were before   choosing and reading the message.
· All types of towers and castles can now be attacked with just two soldiers.
· The forester doesn't plant palm trees any longer.
· The weapons which are located in the barracks are now also counted in   the statistics window for your goods.
· Catapults are now also marked when selecting large numbers of troops.
· The basic settings have been revised. Logs now have a higher goods   priority at the beginning of the game. Iron is delivered on a higher priority   basis to the tool maker and iron and wood is delivered to the shipyards and   catapult halls on a higher priority basis.

 Blue Byte maps competition  (May 2nd)
Blue Byte has announced a new Map Competition on where you can send in your maps and vote for the ones you like. Here is a piece from their page:

Starting on the 3rd of May we will be adding new single-player maps and new multi-player maps that have been sent in for you to download. Play them through and decide which map you think is the best and vote for it here!

That means it is time to open up your map editor and create something really spectacular for everyone to play. What are you waiting for. Please note the deadline is 31st of May, so don't wait till the last minute. /Dieter

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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