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 Old News - November 1998
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 German software for Settlers  (August 18th, 19:15 GMT) Wintertree I saw over at Mark's S3 Place that a german company called JürgenNagelSoftware is making neat software for Settlers 3. Mark wrote about the graphiceditor for Settlers 3 that is currently under production, letting you change the graphics in the game. Too bad Blue Byte didn't include such a thing with the mapeditor, the winterlandscape Jürgen has made sure looks good!

To continue with the free advertising, I must say that the Slotmanager should be a must-have! It arranges your saved games in an archive, and you can simply choose wich ones that should be available in the game (since you only can choose between eight slots in Settlers 3). From what I can understand is it also possible to view the map and see resources and landdomination as well. Nifty!

The only bad thing about it all is that all software is in German, but perhaps we can see a translation of the software if the demand for it gets high enough. Head on over to the sites Settlers 3 section and check it out! (Even if you don't understand German, you can always look at the pictures =) /Janx Spirit

 The Amazons is soon here  (August 12th, 20:21 GMT)
I just got the word that the Amazons is in the final testing stage (but you've already guessed that I think). And we are now only waiting for the announcement that it has gone gold.

Moreover, the preorder of the CD, can be done either from Blue Byte directly, through the URL I posted yesterday, or via CDMag (found the link at Mark's S3 site). CDMag will charge you $18.99, the price when ordering from Blue Byte is still unknown. /Janx Spirit

 The Settlers Inn isn't closed  (August 11th, 18:42 GMT)
I got in touch with Nutty at Settlers Inn, and even though we all thought so, the site isn't really closed. Due to public demand, he decided to let the site remain online, and have some friends updating it for him.

The following isn't really "news", but we have to add it here anyway. If you go to this page, you can preorder "Settlers 3 - Quest for the Amazons". The price is unknown, but for you enthusiasts there is no such thing as a "high price" I guess.. /Janx Spirit

 I'm back with more news  (August 10th, 19:15 GMT)
I got back home this morning from the beautiful mediterranian sea, and I'm still pretty tired and have a lot of things to do in the nearest future, so I won't be able to post that much news here.

However am I when I'm writing this, talking with Mark (who we all know about), and he has told me that he will open up his Settlers 3 site again! Great news for the community!

Just spoke to Ghengis^Khan as well, and he told me that Asterix has put up another nine new maps to the mapsection. /Janx Spirit

 Updated the poll  (August 9th, 22:22 GMT)
Today have I updated the poll with what I think a interesting question. I were visiting the official chat yesterday and discovered that it was totally dead. I put up this question to see if there is any users that are using the chat, or if the forum is better.

Just at this very moment, I think my cousin (Janx) is sitting on the plane home from Egypt. If we're lucky I think that we can publish some pictures from Egypt so that we can show all the egypt players how it looks down there. We'll hopefully hear more from Marcus tomorrow, so don't miss it... /Ghengis^Khan

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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