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 Old News - March 1999

 The mission cd is out all around!  (March 31th, 16.13 GMT)
Today is the day when the mission cd will be out in the U.S. and maybe even in every country around the world. We have recieved some maps from people in England that already has the cd, and hopefully will we see even more maps in the near future.

And once again has our site been hard to see in Netscape, and once again are we working on this. /Marcus

 Three new maps!!!  (March 30th, 21.03 GMT)
Yes! We have now three whole new maps from Keith Davies. And keep sending your maps to us so we can publish them for you, send them to this adress: Thanks! /Roberth

 Voting system  (March 30th, 20.18 GMT)
You can now vote in our new poll from We will make new questions every month, and you can see all the answers in a special section that would be up soon. /Roberth

 New map!  (March 29th, 19.46 GMT)
A whole new map is added on our map-section. It´s once again from Mark´s S3 site we got this brilliant map. /Roberth

 Updated the maps-section  (March 27th, 14.23 GMT)
Okey, I have made a little change in our maps-section. It´s now much easier to download the maps and find more information about them. Tomorrow I will update all the information that I haven´t fill out right now. /Roberth

 Three new maps!!!  (March 27th, 13.42 GMT)
Three new maps are in our maps-section. I will work really hard to get our download-section much better thans it is today. With much more infos abaout the maps and some other things. /Roberth

 Minor updates of WoS  (March 27th, 12.30 GMT)
Since I'm a bit handicapped without my mailsystem up and running, there's not much I can do at this very moment. So while waiting for the mailserver to get back online, I'm doing some other updates here on the site.

As we wrote a couple of days ago, the Weaponsmithy has closed, and we have now deleted the links to the site. Also, the Settlers 3 Headquarters (with the nifty design), has moved to our host, so the links to them have been changed to

I will work on the F.A.Q today, and sometime this evening should you be able to see a good improvement of that section. /Marcus

 Improvement of our site  (March 27th, 01.36 GMT)
Since we are writing quite a lot of news here at World of Settlers, we decided to add the headlines to the top of the page to make it easier for you to see what we have written for the last couple of days.

A new mail-form has been added as well, and this time you don't have to have configured your browser to send mail to use it. Just fill in your news or info, and press "send" and that's it!

Since I just found out that our mailserver is temporarily down for maintenance this night and all of Saturday, please send us all your info through ICQ. See the Contact Us page for additional information. (Or you could just wait until Sunday or so). /Marcus

 The mission cd IS out!  (March 26th, 20.39 GMT)
I got a mess from Mark over in London, and he confirmed the news. The Settlers 3 Mission CD has been released in England today. So I guess that we will be seeing tons of new maps pretty soon. And if you have got a map, send it to us! (please zip it before sending though) /Marcus

 The mission cd is out in England(?)  (March 26th, 15.43 GMT)
It's been a lot of talk going around about the mission cd that will include a mapeditor and a lot of other nice things. Some says that it is available in England today, and in the rest of the world by wednesday next week.

Blue Byte's official press release though, states that the cd will be available for purchase April 1st (monday, that is). I don't know who to believe, but if you honestly have got a hold of the mission cd, contact us so that we can get the thruth written here.

The price will be about $19.99, as Blue Byte first said, or $22.99, just as cdmag apparently has stated. /Marcus

 20 000 visitors!  (March 25th, 12.38 GMT)
5 minutes before this update did we recieve our 20 000th visitor, and as Roberth wrote yesterday, would we really like to thank every single visitor.

Now we aim even higher, and remember that we make this site for You, and for this would we need Your help, so don't hesitate to share any info that you might have. /Marcus

 The Settlers 3 Weaponsmithy has closed  (March 24th, 21.41 GMT)
I just saw that yet another Settlers 3 site has closed. This time it was one of the better one, The Settlers 3 Weaponsmithy that closed it gates. The staff here at World of Settlers would like to wish FireStorm, the author of the site, good luck with other projects in the future. /Marcus

 The 1.32 patch is here  (March 24th, 17.43 GMT)
As I wrote earlier today on the message board before it was official, the 1.32 patch is out. It has an improved AI, a possibility to save multiplayer games, a timer that shows how long you have been playing and the game will also remember what campaigns that have been finished.

The 1.32 patch can be found in two versions in our Download/Patches section. One is for updating v1.27 to 1.32 and the other one updates all current versions to v1.32.

Note that when loading a multiplayer game that you have previously saved, it can be found in the multiplayer menu, and not in the normal "load game" menu. /Marcus

 Egyptian saved games available  (March 23rd, 17.49 GMT)
The Egyptian saved games are now available in our Download/Saved Games section. The saved games for the Roman and Asian campaigns will be uploaded as soon as we have the possibility. And the problems we have had with Netscapeusers not being able to view our site in the way we wanted it to look seems to be gone now. /Marcus

 Files added to our downloadsection  (March 22nd, 18.20 GMT)
While waiting for the 1.32 patch and the missioncd, we are working on getting World of Settlers in shape. So today have I uploaded some S3 backgrounds and other stuff to our Download/Others section. I'm also on my way to upload some saved games, starting with the egyptians which I hope will be up by tomorrow evening, and they will be followed by the asians and romans saved games the following days. /Marcus

 Soon 20 000 visitors!!!  (March 24th, 20.39 GMT)
Wow! World of Settlers will soon pass 20 000 visitors. Thats amazing! I want to thank every single visitor for his/hers visit to our site.

And as we have said before, so are we working really hard to get a new search-function and a voting script to add to our site. /Roberth

 The sitedesign is finished  (March 20th, 17.32 GMT)
Today I've been working with getting the rest of the site in shape, and I'm almost done. The downloadsection is up, and it will be filled with files the coming weeks, so keep an eye out! At this moment, the only link not working is the screenshots, so please don't click there, ok.. =)

And if there is a broken link or something, it will be fixed quite soon, since our webserver is a bit messed up nowadays. /Marcus

 Patch 1.32 will be out by next week  (March 20th, 16.12 GMT)
The new 1.32 patch includes all the improvements that have been made during the work on the mission CD. So the talk about having to pay for an improved computer AI isn't true (thank God).

More in detail, the patch includes:
· Time display - you can now see how long you have been playing a game.
· Saved games in multiplayer mode - finally you have an opportunity to
  save the matches you play against others.
· Automatic saved campaigns - The game now remembers which
  campaigns you've played.
· Improved AI - the computer opponent will now more quickly build up a
  strong economy.

It sure sounds good to me! And thank you Mark for telling me about this. /Marcus

 The sites-section is finished  (March 17th, 14.59 GMT)
The sites-section is now up and running. All the clans and other s3-sites that wants some info about their sites on these pages are welcome to contact me.

Otherwise, the download-section will be finished later on this week or next week as I previously have written here. And we are sorry if you Netscape-users are having trouble with our site, we know about this problem and are working on it. /Marcus

 Strategy-tips needed!  (March 16th, 19.05 GMT)
I'm about to write a series of articles about a winning strategy in Settlers 3 - what to do, when to do it, and also what not to do. For this, I will need your help. If you think that you're good at Settlers 3 and wants to share something you know, send me a mail. Please help me out with this one! /Marcus

 About the mission-cd  (March 16th, 17.42 GMT)
We will once again tell you all about the features that is in the mission cd that would be realesed the 31st March.

· Establish new colonies with the Romans, Egyptians and Asians: Each race   has a new campaign with 8 immense new missions!
·Pursue exciting mission goals: Discover secret lands and trade with   neighboring races. Produce the urgently needed goods that will bring   enemy lands under your control!
· Engage in on-line battles with Settlers fans from around the world: 10 new   multi-player maps are available for LAN and Internet games!
· Design and colonize your own maps with the SETTLERS III LEVEL EDITOR;   create your landscapes and decide the hardship your Settlers will have to   endure!
· Detailed on-line manual available at anytime during play or from within the   editor!

This sounds really great, doesn´t it? We really hope that it will be out the 31st March (you all know Blue Byte). /Roberth

 Thought I'd write something as well..  (March 15th, 13.53 GMT)
Yup, as Roberth wrote yesterday, the new layout is (half) done. It's a lot easier to maintain the site now, and hopefully, you'll all like this design better than the old one.

In the following days, I'll finish the downloadsection and the sites section, so please be patient. Info on the Mission CD and all of the things that has happened while we have been working on this layout will be written here quite soon, as well as anything new that happens.

We will try to update this site more often with a lot of info on what's going on in the Settlers Community nowadays, but a lot of the news items depends on you. So please, if you have anything interesting that you think that everyone should know about, please send us a mail or a message on ICQ.

And before I go, the voting and the search functions isn't available at this very moment, but they will be soon! /Marcus

 Yes! The new page is here!!!  (March 14th, 21.49 GMT)
We are really sorry for not having updated the page for nearly two weeks. This will not be reapeted, we promise. I and Marcus has worked really hard to get the page to this layout. I think I made three or four different layouts before this. But at last we decided us to use this one. Hope you like it!

The download and sites section on the page won´t work today. We're working to get those pages up later in this week. /Roberth

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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