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World of Settlers has a complete mirror of all of the settlers files located on Blue Byte's server plus links to a number of other mirrorsites around the world. We have also many more files that we have found around the net. If you have a file that can't be found here, please tell us about it.

By clicking on an underlined link, a popup-window will appear with information about the specific file. When you are about to download a file, just choose a server close to you in the dropdownlist and the download will start automatically.

File: Size: Download:
Settlers 3 Singleplayer demo 24.2 MB
Settlers 3 Multiplayer demo 29.7 MB
Settlers 2 Demo 3.7 MB
Settlers 2 Gold Demo 10.6 MB
Settlers 1 Demo 662 kb

Settlers 3 Theme 1.7 MB
Settlers 3 Backgrounds #1 774 kb
Settlers 3 Backgrounds #2 593 kb
Settlers 3 Backgrounds #3 385 kb
Settlers 3 Backgrounds #4 203 kb
Settlers 2 Icons #1 3.8 kb
Settlers 2 Icons #2 22.3 kb

S3 Tips v1.5 21 kb
S3 Tips v1.4 21 kb
S3 Tips v1.3 20 kb
S3 Levelskipping (trainer) 44 kb
S2 Mapinfo v1.1 beta 20 kb

Direct Play upgrade to v 6.1a 491 kb

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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