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 Old News - July 1999

 S3 Fansite has a new design  (August 7th, 14:46 GMT)
Our affiliate Settlers 3 Fansite has made a new design for the site. Go to this url: and vote in his poll if you prefer the new or the old design. /Ghengis^Khan

 German sites added  (August 6th, 21:32 GMT)
Now have I added the first 6 German Settlers 3 sites. I will add more as soon as I find any that I think belongs in the linksection. I also moved the links for clansites to the same section for ordinary links. So look in our linksection if you want to get to the clansites.

I have recived a few mails from people that has send us maps but that we haven't publish them yet. I'm working 24h (almost :) ) every day to rescue all the maps that you have sent to us. I hope that we tomorrow or the day after that, will publish all the lost maps.

I have also updated the old news section so that the links to older month don't take up so much space that they have done earlier. The staffpage is updated so that you now can see if we are online or not. I will in the future add a function so that you can page us when we are online. /Ghengis^Khan

 Updated the site  (August 5th, 18:43 GMT)
I added some more pictures in the Amazon section. I also updated the Amazon section so that it now contains a new Screenshotspage. I also updated the info section so that the menu on the left isn't so long as it was before.

Tomorrow will I add a new section in the linksection. In that section will you find links to settlers page that is not in english. This because there is so few english fansites on the net today. /Ghengis^Khan

 New Amazon screenshots  (August 4th, 19.37 GMT)
Here is some of the new screenshots that Bluebyte has released. More screenshots can you find in our Amazon section. I will add a new section in our Amazon section that will contain all screenshots of the Amazon tribe. But I'll do that tommorow cause now am I going to play some golf :)


 Mapcontest winner!  (August 3rd, 18.19 GMT)
Not the newest of news, but I haven't written anything about it. The mapcontest is finished and the winner is Jens Hauschild. You can read more about it on the german Settlers 3 page. Tomorrow will I try to show you all some new screenshots on the Amazons.


 GamesFortress  (August 2nd, 22.32 GMT)
My old friend Chad over at the Settlers 3 Castle site has open a new site for all gamers. It contains a lot of reviews, previews, cheats, demos and other things that has with gaming to do. Please pay them at visit at this address:

At last have I fixed my mail address. Please update your contactlist. The new address is

I will also welcome the Settlers 3 Fansite as our new affiliates. And I hope that the Settlers comunity will grow more from now on. /Ghengis^Khan

 The Settlers Inn has closed :(  (August 1st, 12.48 GMT)
The great site Settlers Inn has been closed. Here is what he wrote as a final message.

"Well i have taken down the main site. All the clan sites are still online as well as the ftp site. I might bring it back online depending if anyone wants it back. After many trys to get the attention of any settlers fans i have found out that the whole community just seems to be very dead. So i will be moving on to another place. If i get enough people asking for it back ill put it online again.

Main reasons were that after offering several services i found them to not be used at all, only one was the map engine and that wasnt really used by more than 12 people i think. I really look forward to seeing you guys in another game, as you can be sure to see my site running for a different game."

We here at World of Settlers wish him the best of luck for his futher sites.

I also fixed the patches.html file so it now work perfect. /Ghengis^Khan

 New question at  (July 31st, 20.09 GMT)
The official site has made a new question in their poll this week. The question is "Should we reset the Ladder Ranking List in regular intervals to make sure that every player has the same chances? ". And I think that this is a question that is very important even for new and old players. So go there and vote and hopefully is it the best choice that will win.

I have notice that the patches.html isn't working at all. I'll try to solve this later this day. /Ghengis^Khan

 Our first Award :)  (July 30th, 23.02 GMT)
Hi! Today I recived our first award. It's an bronze medal for great layout and for the well speaking english that we use(Can't be me they meen.. :) ) etc...

Tomorrow will I finish the new menusystem that I introduce yesterday. It's really hard to run a site with daily updates when you work all day and come home 22:30 and must go up 06:00 the day after. But I'll try to do it anyway to make this site the best fansite for the Settlers trioligy. /Ghengis^Khan

 New idea for a menusystem  (July 29th, 22.58 GMT)
As it seems like now in the poll there is a lot of people that don't want a menusystem with CSS. This makes it a little bit harder but not to hard. I've made a little change in the cheat section to begin with. So when you click there you will come to the cheats for Settlers 3 and from there you can click on the link to the cheats for Settlers 2 or 1. I think that this is the best thing to do. And when Settlers 4 will be realised there is plenty of room for that to. I will "transform" the other pages to this system as soon as I have time. /Ghengis^Khan

 Updated the linksection  (July 28th, 21.07 GMT)
This would have been done weeks ago. But better now than never. So, I have deleted all links to page that don't update the page anymore. I'll later in this week add some great German and Dutch page to the links, because there is so few english Settlers 3 sites at the moment.

One more thing, about the new layout that Asterix wrote about. We will not change the layout as long as I and Marcus is around. So don't worry all you fans that has wrote mails to me and beg me not to change the layout. Ok, thats all for now. /Ghengis^Khan

 Working on a new menusystem  (July 27th, 22.24 GMT)
I'm working really hard on a new menusystem (not a new layout!). Because our site is now to small to cover three games in it's current condition. But there is one little problem. I need to use Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and some javascript to make it reality. And I know that there is a lot of people that don't have browsers that support CSS. So I'm asking you all to vote in our poll if you want a menusystem with CSS and some use of Javascript. You will have until Sunday to vote. And we will listen to what you have to say. If there is something else you want to say about this, just mail me on this address. /Ghengis^Khan

 Well, I'm off for a while  (July 24th, 19.57 GMT)
Yup. I'm finally getting away from this rainy Swedish summer, and will replace it with two sunny weeks on Cyprus. I will head down to Egypt as well, to try some sacrificing of beverages to their gods (might help me out next time I'm playing against the Egyptians =)

Anyhow, you won't be able to contact me during this time, but I will reply to all mail as soon as I get back. Meanwhile will I leave this site in my trusty co-workers hands, and hope that they will keep things in order for me to come back. See you in two weeks! /Janx Spirit

 Some trouble with the poll  (July 23rd, 19.39 GMT)
I'm really sorry for that error that is with our poll. I don't know what it is but I have mailed them at and asked them why the poll isn't working. Once again like Asterix wrote yesterday, please vote for the best layout, when now the poll will be working again. /Ghengis^Khan

 New design or not?  (July 22th, 22.56 GMT)
I have made a new design, so now I ask you if we should change or not. Please vote in the poll to the right and let us know if we should change or not. You find the new design here. You can also vote on that page. /Asterix

 The Iron/Pig bug  (July 16th, 18.11 GMT)
Ok here I'll tell you all something about pigs. First take a look at the picture to the left which I took 3 weeks ago. This is a pig. I know that there is a lot of new players to Settlers 3 but we are really tired of hearing about this bug. Everything that is to know can be found in our F.A.Q page. Okey, enough of that Pig so now over to something less fielthy :)

Blue Byte has started with polls on their welcoming page on the official site. The question of the week is "how strong will the punishment be for cheaters?". Since Blue Byte listens to what the crowd wants, you better get over there and vote, since the result of the poll probably is what will be implemented. /Ghengis^Khan

 Settlers 1 buildinglist  (July 15th, 20.00 GMT)
Since we got a request for a Settlers 1 buildinglist, and really should have one, I have now made one and uploaded it. If you can find any errors (impossible really), please report it to me.

Also Settlers Inn is down during the following hours, due to a big upgrade. The site will from now on host both sites and emailaccounts.

Here at World of Settlers will we probably soon change the layout a bit, to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, not a big change, but it will be a huge improvement of the site. /Janx Spirit

 Blue Byte cleans up in the lobby  (July 14th, 18.37 GMT)
Blue Byte just posted a message regarding the problems with bad behaviour in the lobby. The whole message follows:

Dear Settlers,

unfortunately, there has been an increasing number of players lately, who spy on other people's passwords and/or post insulting comments in the chat. Of course Blue Byte is quite concerned about this recent development, but we believe that we are about a very small minority of players. As far as we can tell, the overall conduct of our online settlers has not changed for the worse.

However, we are going to respond to this development with the following measures:

- Password misuse: If your password has apparently been hacked, that means somebody else is in the Lobby Chat under your name or plays games under your name or something like that, please send us a note using the feedback form. Please make sure to include both your nickname and a new password in your mail. We will investigate this case then and change the password to the new one you supplied. At the moment we are testing whether it would be technically possible to let players change their passwords themselves. Therefore, we would appreciate if you would ask for a new password only if it is absolutely necessary. Thanks.

- Chat insults: Unfortunately, Blue Byte cannot be present in the chat at all times. Therefore, we are going to grant Chat Administrator rights to a chosen number of players. These players may exclude other players from the Lobby and ban them for up to one day. However, it is not easy to choose who is to be granted those rights. We would like you to send us your suggestions on this issue by way of the feedback form. Please tell us, if you know somebody who a) is regularly in the Chat and b) may be trusted with such a task.

Your Blue Byte Team

The feedback form they are talking about is the one on their ladderpages, and I guess they will be recieving a lot of suggestions on people during the next days.

Two other notes as well. We have finally thanks to Asterix, been able to collect more than one hundred maps to Settlers 3, so check out our mapsection. And before the weekend did I write that there will be a Settlers 4, and it didn't take long before Blue Byte deleted that whole thread from the message board. So it's not really official, but the news were recieved from a Blue Byte employee, so we sure can believe it's true. /Janx Spirit

 At last new Settlers 3 maps  (July 13th, 18.35 GMT)
I finally got time to update the S3 maps. I made so the preview of the map appears in a new window and the map you clicked for a preview of jump to the top of the screen. This means that it is much easier to find the map you are looking for.

I also knew that Lil Red is working on the S2 maps, so don't worry they will come. /Asterix

 Blue Byte: "There will be a Settlers 4"  (July 8th, 20.18 GMT)
Here a posting from Blue Byte I stumbled across on the official message board:

"There will be a Settlers 4. Don't ask me any of the specifics on it, though, it's still in early design, if even that. But I can tell you that there will be a Settlers 4 down the road."

Sort of thought it would be interesting for some of you to know, and this also means that will be around even longer than we expected. We will of course keep you updated if we find out about anything else about this sequal, as well as we do with anything else regarding Settlers. /Janx Spirit

 Version 1.38 is now available  (July 5th, 17.34 GMT)
It has not been a long time since the first (?) cheat to Settlers 3 was discovered. The way it worked was that you by destroying your barracks just before the settlers would become soldiers, could keep the weapons, but still gain new soldiers.

As usual, Blue Byte found out about this quite quickly, and has now released the 1.38 patch, that removes this little "feature". You can download the patch directly from here (2.1 MB), or find out more in our downloadsection. /Janx Spirit

 Old Settlers info is on its way  (July 3rd, 13.14 GMT)
I read a request in our guestbook a posting asking us if we totally have forgotten about you who still play Settlers 1 and 2. No we haven't! It's just that the majority of people is more interested in Settlers 3, and therefor are we writing more news about it, and there is much more to tell about Settlers 3 as well.

But this request for a Settlers 1 buildinglist has got me going now. I'm currently working on a lot of new material for Settlers 1 and 2. Todays contribution is a Settlers 2 buildinglist, since I sort of already had one lying around since the old days. A Settlers 1 buildinglist will be added shortly, just got to play the game and find the stats for the buildings first. /Janx Spirit

 More (uncomfirmed) info on the Amazons  (July 2nd, 20.47 GMT)
The following information was found on a German Settlers page, and has been freely translated by me. I have not been able to find this information anywhere else, so you shouldn't take it too serious yet, even though some of it seem to be true.

· As in the original campaigns will there be moviesequences   between the rounds.

· The narrator in the English version will be Bruce Willis, and in   the Deutsch version, Manfred Lehmann.

· Two new campaigns: In one will you play as the Amazons   against the other three races, and in the second campaign will   you fight against the Amazons, as either one of the Romans,   Egyptians and the Asians.

/Janx Spirit

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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