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The sites listed here are all with Settlers contents. The rating of the sites has been made with consideration on the updates, the contents, the layout and what they have brought to the Settlers community. All sites are rated from 1 to 5.

The links to some of the other sites that once could be found here, is now removed. This is because that they haven't updated in over two months.

The Settlers 3 Castle    28/07/99
This site hasn't been updated for weeks, but the Author says that he will update the site in the future. Just 1 star to this site because the lack in updates.

Settlers 3 Zone - Clan UK    28/07/99
Clan UK is responsible for some of the many tournaments that are being held in Settlers 3. They have a nice layout and I think that especially clanleaders should pay them a visit. Due the lack of updates have we removed 1 star from them.

Settlers 3 Tower    28/07/99 The "green" site hasn't been updated for 2 month now, but we give them 1 month more...

The Settlers 3 Headquarters    28/08/99
The author is back from his vaccation but hasn't come up in his oridinary standard yet. The 3 stars is as close as 4 stars as it can be.

Settlers 3 Fansite    28/07/99
Hmmm, great site that update their news often. And now does it show everything properly! =)

NITR8's S3 SITE    1/09/99
Has a lot of information and the colors is much better now then before.

Settlers 3 Catapult Hall    1/09/99
This is an old site that has begin to update their news again. It's previously know as Dave's Settlers 3 Page.

The official Settlers 3 Site    7/05/99
This is in most cases were you first can find new inside information about the game (but it takes only a few minutes before you can read the same things on all of the other sites around). The reason they have recieved four stars, is their message board. I don't think many players could survive without this board.

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