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 Old News - February 1999
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20 February 1999 - 1.26 pach is out
Okey here come the patch with will solve several known issues with desynchronization. In addition, the update also removes the occurrence of a false message appearing after completion of the eighth Asian mission. You can get it right now in our files section.

18 February 1999 - Just added a clan
In these times there are very hard to find any kind of news about Settlers 3. But, I added one more clan to our page, SettlerZ Inc.

16 February 1999 - New strategy site
I took a peek over at Settlers 3 Village as usual and saw that there is a new site up. The Malachi's Multiplayer Guide to The Settlers 3 is a site concentrating on the multiplayer strategies as the name says. I find it very useful and hope that the site will grow even bigger in the future.

15 February 1999 - Download Settlers 1 Demo!!!
I have added the Settlers 1 - Serf City Demo version in our files section. So why don´t give it a try? It´s only 700kb! And it´s really fun :)

We have some problem with our code today, so if you´re seeing something strange on our site, please report it to me.

14 February 1999 - Clan UK is up again
I saw both over at Settlers 3 Village and the official message board, that Clan UK is back in business again...

13 February 1999 - Added a link & Settlers 3 Resource Centre
Settlers 3 HQ is the new site on our linksection. Why not pay them a visit.

Okey, all the other settlers 3 sites is mentioning something about it, so I thought that I too would put somwthing into the chatting about the Settlers 3 Resource Centre. I don't mind the page at all, it's like the rest on the net. But what I think is wrong is that the site has over 18000 visitors on 10 days. This can't be right. But we won't remove the link to S3 Resource Center as many others have.

12 February 1999 - Hi there! I´m Matt Prouse
Greetings, my name is Matt Prouse and on the behalf of the staff of the Settlers III Commonwealth and of MindWalker Software, it is an honour to speak to you.

The Commonwealth has finally merged with the World of Settlers and we are now one site. It is my pleasure to produce and co-ordinate the interactive section of this site, in the near future we shall add the option of battle reports, reviews and the Settlers III Village Adventure, however as our first taster, it is my pleasure to introduce you to "The Lost People" - the 1st wishlist dedicated the fourth Settlers III race, which we should see on the Plus CD in May. That list can be found here.

11 February 1999 - 1.25 patch is out!!!
Yes. The 1.25 patch is finally here.

The most important modifications performed by the update:

New Features:
 · Active units are displayed in the menu.
 · The 'Distribution of Goods' menus may be selected directly from the current building.
 · New Lobby Server messages keep you up to date on logon events.
 · More tooltips have been added to the Multiplayer Mode. They tell you what the   buttons in the Lobby are for.
 · New chat commands are available in the Online Lobby.
 · The initial Lobby Server logon automatically invokes the 'Create Player' dialogue.
 · Additional messages alert you in case the swap file is not large enough.

 · Scrolling under Windows NT was improved.
 · SETTLERS III may now be played on systems without the WININET.DLL. Updates   may be performed manually.
 · The interval between leaving the Settlers Server and immediately logging on again   has been reduced.
 · The 'You have won!/You have lost!' messages are deactivated in games without   opponents.
 · Infrequent problems with large fonts in the Lobby have been fixed.

When starting a multiplayer game, the patch will automatically download and install itself. But for those of you that wants to install it yourselves, we have put the english version upon our files section.

10 February 1999 - Settlers 3 Village has moved
Our affiliates Settlers 3 Village has moved to a new url,

Added the new link to Settlers 3 Battle Page

9 February 1999 - Updated the Linksection
We welcomes Mark´s Settlers 3 Site as our new affiliates.

I have made a new look at the linksection. I haven´t updated the ratings yet, but I´ll do that as soon as possible. We will also write a lot more about the other sites than we have done so far.

Later this week we´ll have a new person here at World of Settlers. He will update the site with news and a lot of tips for Settlers 3. I´ll not tell you who this person is, or where he comes from. I think it´s better that he will told you that himself.

8 February 1999 - Just added a new site
Added Settlers 3 Catapult Hall to the linksection.

Settlers 3 Village has a new updater, TigerSword from the closed site, Settlers 3 Temple.

7 February 1999 - Explanation of the ratingsystem
I have recieved a number of letters about us having to little information and tips for Settlers. But this will change. We have started a cooperation with Settlers 3 Commonwealth. And thanks to this, the info and tips section will grow rapidly during the following weeks.

Keep on sending in your thoughts about our site. We appreciate it a lot, because even if it's all negative, we have a hunch on what we have to do to make the site better. I have recieved some point of views on our way to judge what a settlers page should have for grade. Therefore shall I now make clear the criterias we use when grading the pages:

1. Why should I visit the page instead of just going to
2. Is there a lot of information about the game?
3. Is there a lot of files and addons to download that is about the game?
4. Is the layout friendly to your eyes?
5. Is the site easy to navigate in?
6. Is there good contact information so that you easily can contact the sites author?

6 February 1999 - New clanlinks, and the 1.25 patch is soon here!
Two new clans have been added to our clan-section. But I (and many others) can't see the need for a "lamers-section" on clan pages. Sometimes you really have to leave a game, or the computer may crash or something, and just because of that, you'll get lamer-listed?? Silly..

The 1.25 patch will be out within a week now, fixing a lot of irritating bugs in the game. Thanks to Mark´s Settlers 3 Site for this info. /Marcus

5 February 1999 - F.A.Q is up, among other things
The links section has been cleaned up now since some sites have shut down lately..

The F.A.Q is finally up and running (yes, this time it's true). I know that it has taken some time, but now we are really trying to make this page bigger and better.. Please send in your questions so that we can expand this section, and why not send in some questions about Settlers 1 and 2 as well?

I've changed e-mail address to, the same domain that my cousin also has the mail on. I've used this mail the past two weeks, and I have redirected my old e-mail to this one, so it doesn't really matter which one you send the mail to, but you should update your records anyhow.. /Marcus

4 February 1999 - Official Strategy Guide
I have change my e-mail adress. Please update your adressbooks. The new one is:

You can order the Settlers 3 official strategy guide right here.

I have added some "fresh" info about Settlers 1, you can have a look at it here. /Roberth

3 February 1999 - Added a new site
Yet a new Settlers site is up and running again. Settlers 3 HQ is an ordinary site like the many others about Settlers 3 out there. But the nice with this site is the layout and design, check it out, I think you'll like the map-scrolling.. =))) /Marcus

2 February 1999 - Building Material List
At last the Settlers 3 Material Building List is ready. I don´t know why we haven´t had this one up until now. One explanation would be that we had more important things to do.

Tomorrow our first F.A.Q will be up. It will contain some questions that we have recieved since we started up our site the 3 november 1998. Please continue to send us questions about Settlers 3.

Have a look at and you will be surprised. You will come to Microsoft´s Windows NT infopage. This news where brought to you by Mark´s Settlers 3 Site. It's not the first time it's been like this, wonder what they are up to.. =) /Roberth

1 February 1999 - Added info about Settlers
I added some info about the great game Settlers 2. Even if Settlers 3 is the latest game in this serie, we here at World of Settlers will bring you the latest news and files to Settlers 2 and Settlers 1.

I also fixed some bug in this page. And updated the What´s Up section. /Roberth

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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