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 Old News - January 1999
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31 January 1999 - No patch this month :(
Once again, Blue Byte wonīt hold their promises to release a update in January.

In the near future this site will hopefully merge with another big Settlers 3 site. I will not tell you anymore at this moment, but wait and see, this site is growing. /Roberth

30 January 1999 - Iīm back!!!
Okey, now I'm back from the cold mountains where the temperature was around -30 degrees. Now I'll put some effort in this page again to make it the best on the web.

We are getting closer to our 10 000th visitor, and we were thinking of publishing his/her name here on the site. So if you are the 10 000th visitor, please send a mail to us and tell us about it... /Roberth

29 January 1999 - Well, a new site - again....
Just when I had wrote yesterdays news about a new settlers site, I recieved a mail that said something like: "I have a new site". Geez, I thought, not another one. There's nothing bad with new sites, not at all, just as long as they can provide the settlers-scene with something new and interesting. But we will still put the links here, as well as a rating of them, even if they don't provide us with something new...

28 January 1999 - Yet a new site
There just doesn't seem to be an end of the new Settlers sites popping up on the web. Here a new one, and as usual, I found this link over at the official Settlers site. =) Stonecutters S3 site /Marcus

27 January 1999 - DNS failure and some reviews
I was just about to enter the official Settlers site at 6pm today, when I ended up on microsofts site somewhere, reading about the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack. I thought for a minute that I've somehow selected the wrong url in the menu, but no, I still got to this Microsoft page. I don't know when the DNS is fixed and the real site is back online, but I hope it is soon.

And, as I'm a bit lazy and don't have the time to search the net for new reviews (I guess you all are sick of reading the same old stuff about the game as well), I snapped these three links to some new reviews off the Settlers 3 Village. I haven't had the time to read them yet, but I guess there's nothing new written about Settlers 3 anyway, but they might still be good for some of you to read.

· Gamepens review
· Gamenations review
· Avaults review

I'm still working on the F.A.Q. and a forum and a lot of other stuff, but since I feel that the forum over at the offcial site is the best, I don't know if it's any good idea to have one here as well. Please mail me and tell me what you want to see here at World of Settlers. /Marcus

26 January 1999 - Improved AI and Mark has moved
I've just been reading the messages over at the message board on There was a person named Birdy asking if the AI will be improved in the next release. And the answer from Jason at Blue Byte was: Yes, it will! So this is great news for all of us who thinks that the computer has a quite lame playing-style.

I also got a message from Mark, that he has moved his Settlers site. You can now find it at:

Also, S3 Temple is closed, since the author just can't get Settlers 3 to work on his computer. /Marcus

25 January 1999 - A new link, again
Yup, the number of known Settlers 3 sites out there continues to grow. Settlers 3 Jaystation is maybe not that new, but still.. It doesn't have that much stuff on it, so it only gets a rating of 2.

Sorry about the low number of good news and updates nowadays, but I'm fed up with school, and since Roberth is skiing all week, it won't be that much done here at WoS. But I'll try to make a good update for tomorrow, I think I saw parts of the F.A.Q. in my mailbox. And please, if you have anything to contribute with to this site, mail it to me. /Marcus

24 January 1999 - Added link to a new Settlers 3 site
Settlers 3 Goldmine is a new Settlers 3 site on the web. I found this link over at the forum on The Goldmine looks good, and may in the future become a great site. /Marcus

23 January 1999 - Some new link and reviews
I have added a new section in the "info"īs section. Itīs a pictures of them whoīs made Settlers3.

Hereīs a new review by Gamesdomain. Also a new german site that gets a 3/5 in my rating. Why donīt visit them?

Iīm will not be able to update this page until Friday this week. You can see why if you go to this page. But my cousin Marcus will be working really hard to update this page every day this week. /Roberth

22 January 1999 - Reviews and site updates
Here is wednesdays news that beacuse of some strange happening didn't get up on our server right. Dunno why.. And I have also rewritten a lot of code, so that our site will be easier to manage, it was terrible before. So I hope that news will come up faster in the future

These two reviews are a bit old by now, but they still make some sense, and is interesting to read. I don't agree to a lot of the things in the texts, but that is beacuse of that I have been playing Settlers since the first copy came out a couple of years ago, and therefore I have get used to the way things are in the game.

· Intelligamers review
· Exscapes review

I'm working on some new things for the site, unfortunately, most of the F.A.Q. disappeared in the mystical update that didn't come up, so I ahve to rewrite it during this weekend. /Marcus

21 January 1999 - Updated the page with a whole new section
In the new info-section will we in the future have articles which will be about what is happening "around" the game, such as screenshots, info about Blue Byte, interviews and a lot of other nice things.

Just for the moment is there so much to improve here on this site so I don't really know where to start. I have for a long time ago promised that I'll put all of the Settlers 2 maps up. I'm working on this, but it's taking some time since there's a lot of other stuff to do. But if you're in desperat need of a Settlers 2 map, they can all be found on my old site "Läckströmīs BIG Settlers 2 Page".

About the layout and colors on the site, I've heard a lot of different opinions. I would be very glad if you could mail your suggestions to me, so that this page can improve even more.

Today I recieved my price from Pete's Hardware Domainīs competition that he had. The price was a cool t-shirt that I think that every true Settlers-fan should have. This together with a nice poster to put up on the wall. I cincerely hope that there will be more of these competitions in the future. In that case, I'll write it down here in the news-section so that even you will have a chance to win some great things. /Roberth

19 January 1999 - Just updated the news section
I updated the news section so that you now can see who wrote the news, and you can easily mail to the person about the news. Also the old news are now updated with names. /Roberth

18 January 1999 - New link and about the update
Added a link to Settlers 3 Commonwealth.

Bluebyte will relese a update to Settlers 3 very soon. You can read about it below.

· Active units are displayed in the menu.
· The menu 'Distribution of Goods' can be selected directly from the
  current building.
· New Lobby Server messages keep you up to date on logon events.
· The multiplayer mode now features tool tips, which tell you more
  about the functions of the buttons in the lobby.
· The initial Lobby Server logon automatically starts the dialogue
  'Create Player'.
· Additional messages let you know when the swap file becomes too

· THE SETTLERS III may be now played on systems without the
  WININET.DLL. Updates may be started manually.
· The catapult ammunitions display has been corrected.
· Scrolling under Windows NT will be enhanced.
· Bugs encountered when placing waypoints have been eliminated.
· Time between leaving THE SETTLERS III server and logging on
  again has been reduced.
· The victory and defeat messages have been deactivated for game
  sessions without an opponent.
· Rare problems with large system fonts in the lobby have been

Bluebyte is planning a second update that they will relese hopefully in February.

About the forth race: It will not be Africans, Vikings or the Celts which many people thought. So itīs just to wait and see. /Roberth

17 January 1999 - Yet a new section
No update yesterday due to some unexpected serious computer-problems, sorry about that...

A new section is added to the site. On the page Whatīs Up, you can see what we are planning to add next here on World of Settlers.

We are also still looking for someone who will host our site, so if you know someone who might be interested, please send us a mail telling us about it. /Marcus

15 January 1999 - Update is on it's way..
Not really something new, but it may have passed by some of you. Blue Byte is working on an update for Settlers 3. The patch will probably be out within a few weeks, and will among other things fix some of the pirate copying issues that we have written alot about lately. /Marcus

14 January 1999 - Explanation to some things..
Some of our earlier news about the copyprotection and pig/ironsmelter-bug seem to need some additional explanation:
The problems that seem to mess upp the game with different strange happenings, such as the ironsmelter producing pigs, occurs when you use an illegal copy of Settlers 3. This is because of the built-in copyprotection. But the same problems may appear if your computer have been infected with some sort of file-altering virus, like the CIH-virus. This is however not a problem if you're running version 1.23 of Settlers 3 (not an illegal copy that is), if you don't have the patch, you can find in our it filesection. Hope that this have straighten out things... /Marcus

13 January 1999 - We now have our own button..
The staff over at have updated their Bulletin Board with some info on illegal copies of S3. The well-known problem with the ironsmelter producing pigs, seem to have it's origin in illegal copies of the game including the CIH-virus, so the people that buy illegal copies not only mess things up for Blue Byte, but for a whole lot of other people since they help spread the virus.

These days are no good for any kind of Settlers 3 news. Thats why we are working harder to get this page one of the best. And if you are running a Settlers site and would like to have your link on our linkpage, you can do this simply by pressing the "Submit Links" button, after that we would be glad if you linked to us with our linkbutton. You can find it here.

We also welcomes Settlers 3 Battlefield and Settlers 3 Castle as our new affiliates. /Roberth

12 January 1999 - Whole new map for Settlers 3!
First, congratulations Blue Byte, they have now sold over 500 000 copies of the briliant game Settlers 3. Read more about it here.

PcGames has made their own map for Settlers 3. Download it here. /Roberth

11 January 1999 - Mapsection now fixed
It was not easy, but now we think the maps for Settlers 2 is in order. We have over 120 maps so I havenīt put them all up again. We will see if I have time to do that tomorrow.

We are now looking for a gamingsite who will host our page. And when we have find one I hope the site will be much faster than it is today. If any of you have a tip on a good gaming site who host gamesites, so please mail it to us. If you are running a Settlers site and would like to be our affiliated, please mail us about it. /Roberth

10 January 1999 - CIH-virus remover and site-bugs fixed
You can now submit your links and news to us very easily. If your downloaded settlers-files isn't working properly (such as you're getting pigs instead of iron bars) or maybe other problems have come up, your harddrive might be infected by the today well-known CIH-virus. Download the AVP CIH-virus cleaner and you will hopefully have the problem solved.

I just looked at the site in Netscape 4.04, and saw that it's not showing properly if it's showing at all. It seemes like some versions of Netscape have a problem with our table-tags. I'm working on this problem, but since it 02:00 right now, a Netscape-friendly page will probably not come up until tomorrow.

OK. Netscape can now finally be used to browse the whole site with, and nothing strange will happen with the page layout. It was some table-problems that made it disappear. /Roberth

9 January 1999 - New affiliate and more clans added
We welcomes Settlers -The Weaponsmity as our new affiliates.

We will in a near future extend the site with among others pictures from the game, and a function which will make it easy for you to submit your own links. We are working on this and a lot of other things under high pressure. We have got some notations about the page not being visible in netscape. We have tested the site in version 4.0 of Netscape and it works just fine. So it's probably previous versions that isn't showing the page right. Please mail all the bugs you can find so that we can improve the site even more.

Moreover, we would appreciate to be spared from all the letters about serial numbers and cracks for Settlers 3. We are running a serious site and there's no point in even trying to ask us about this. In that case, mail the staff at Blue Byte directly and tell them that you've lost your serial number. Thanks!

Additionaly, the links section has been updated with five new clans, and if you are running a clan, and want a link to your clan homepage on our site, please mail the URL to us. /Marcus

8 January 1999 - New layout, again!
I will from today, make a great effort in this site. It's therefore I with delight can greet my new collegue Marcus Rangell welcome.

Now when we are two persons, helping eatchother out with updating the site, it will be updated at least once a day. And we will celebrate this with remaking an already good layout to an even better one. If you have any certain views on the new layout, please mail us about it.

Take a look in my updated cheats section for new cheat for Settlers 2 and the complete list of levelcodes to Settlers 1. /Roberth

7 January 1999 - The first cheat to Settlers 3
Yes, at last. This is a little program that enable skipping levels in Settlers 3 mission mode. Download it in my cheats section. Thanks to Dave Stemerdink for this one. /Roberth

6 January 1999 - New link
Not so many news today. Just added a link to Settlers 3 Tower. /Roberth

5 January 1999 - Netscape users can now see my page
Yes, that true. At least I have solve the problem for all of you that uses Netscape. But my page is made for Internet Explorer and it looks much better with it.

My page is visited by 600-700 people every week. Thats why I have decided to try update this page every day from now.

I added two Settlers 3 clans to my links section, The SurvivorZ and Clan Chatzuk.

I have added a new review of Settlers 3. You can take a look at it here. I also added the new page, Settlers 3 Online Club to my links.

And now to the bad news. I have found a bug in my page. You canīt see the page if you are using Netscape. Iīm trying to fix this. If there is anyone who knows what the problem is, I would be glad if you mail me and help me with that. /Roberth

4 January 1999 - New layout
I have made a big update with the whole page. I had moved the news section to the mainscreen.

I will in the future try to update this page as often that I can. If there is any kind of questions about this new layot, maybe some bugs, then please mail me about them. /Roberth

3 January 1999 - New links
The new page Settlers 3 Battlefield was added to my links. /Roberth

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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