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 Old News - April 1999

 Help wanted  (April 25th, 13.22 GMT)
As we already has written here at WoS, are we not having all the time that we need to make this site even better. So to continue to grow and become the best Settlers site ever, are we asking for help. We need someone that is truly devoted to Settlers 3 and the previous games, have good HTML-knowledge, the time to update, write good English, and preferably speaks some German as well. If you think that you you would make a good addition to the staff here at World of Settlers, don't hesitate to contact us. /Marcus

 New(old) affiliates...  (April 24th, 11.37 GMT)
I have added a new affiliate to our site. Itīs Settlers 3 Castle who is back on the air again. He says that he would be glad if anyone could help him with his site. And if this is the case why donīt mail him at this address: /Roberth

 Error in the poll  (April 23rd, 20.55 GMT)
In case you have tried to vote in our poll, or have a look at the current results, you have probably ended up with a lot of error messages. It's not our fault, and we don't know when it's going to be fixed, so hang in there.

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. There's not much going on in the community right now, and we are busy with work and school as well, but we'll do our best to keep things going as you want. =) A lot of updates on the strategy section and the FAQ is planned, and I'll put up our huge archive with Settlers 2 maps within two weeks, since some people have asked for them. And if you have suggestions on how to arrange our S3 maps in a good way, please write to us! /Marcus

 Happenings in the S3 community  (April 21th, 16.58 GMT)
I forgot to give you a functioning url to Settlers 3 Tower yesterday, so click here and you'll get there. Moreover, Trist's S3 Site has closed. It had not been up very long, and had hardly ever been updated, so it was actually suspected.

Mark has written a new version of his S3 Tips as well. The new in version 1.4 is support for Settlers 3 v1.32 saved games. Use the direct link to download or get it from our download/others section.

Settlers 3 HQ has started up a tournament, so go there if you'd like to join. They are not the first one with tournaments, both Clan UK and (if I remember it right) Clan Chatzuk has/is hosting tournaments, so they are also to think about if you'd like to feel like testing your S3 skills. /Marcus

 S3 Tower is back  (April 20th, 18.34 GMT)
Yet another old site has decided to do a comeback. This time it's S3 Tower that has opened its gate to the world once again. Good luck with the site!

You might have noticed that our mapsection has been a bit messy lately with duplicates of maps and missing links etc. But these problems will be fixed during this evening and we hope that everything will run smoothly from now on. The mapsection takes quite some time to load as well, and we are thinking of a system to divide the page into smaller sections, but we will come back to you about this later on this week. /Marcus

 S3 Castle has reopened  (April 19th, 17.59 GMT)
After about two months of not maintaining the site, the author of Settlers 3 Castle has decided to get back in business again. He is searching for someone to help him, so if you have the time and knowledge, get in touch with him. The staff here at WoS wishes him the best of luck in the future! /Marcus

 6 new maps...  (April 18th, 20.14 GMT)
I have just updated the site with 6 new maps. Some of them are really great, so have a look at them in our map-section. /Roberth

 Congratulations Mark's Settlers 3 Site...  (April 18th, 16.53 GMT)
We have now finally got a winner in World of Settlers "Best S3 Site on the net" poll. And the winner is Mark's S3 Site, which after a hard struggle won over the other sites on the net. Have a look at the final results here.

We have during the time the poll has been up recieved a number of letters, both from people that complains over the poll, and people that like it, and are interested in what the majority of the S3 players actually think. It's interesting that a little question like this can get people going, expecially the authors of the other sites, they should be just as curious as we are.

It has not been our intention to make anyone feel a bit low because of this, and we appreciate that the people we have been in contact with have been understanding. But don't go and take the results seriously, it has unfortunately been available to vote several times, since the poll logged the IP-numbers, but we have blocked this "feature" now, and it's nearly impossible for anyone to vote twice in future polls. /Roberth

 What has happened with S3 Village?  (April 17th, 09.27 GMT)
You may have noticed that the Settlers 3 Village has been slow on the updates lately. I asked Dieter about this, and he told me that he had was quite busy with other stuff (the school that is) at the moment, but that he would fix his site when he had the time, let's just see what happens. /Marcus

 Nine brand new maps uploaded  (April 16th, 22.36 GMT)
As I said a few days ago, is it good to check our site regurarely for new maps if you want some, since we always are adding new ones to our mapsection. Today did I upload nine new maps (both single and multiplayer), of which about five of them yet haven't been seen on an english settlers site. BlueByte has also made two new maps that you can find on the offical site's downloadsection.

There is also a wild discussion going on on the message boards multiplayer area, about the rankingsystem that will be up and working in the beginning of May. Some people want it, others don't. Go there and make a statement! /Marcus

 25 hours left on the poll...  (April 16th, 23.16 GMT)
Now itīs less than 25 hours to we closes the voting for the best Settlers 3 site on the net 1999. So if your favoritesite dosenīt lead, vote for them now, tomorrow it might be to late. I will come back to who the winner is on Sunday. That's all for now, Good night. /Roberth

 Why S3 freezes in multiplayergames  (April 15th, 17.46 GMT)
BB Gawain wrote on the official board today about the world ranking system that they are working on. The lists will be available in the beginning of May, but a preview of them will be up in a near future.

He also wrote about why Settlers 3 tends to hang in multiplayergames. Here's the whole comment about this:

Situation: If the host (the player who initiates a multiplayer game) is eliminated from a multiplayer game which is in progress, DirectPlay attempts to transfer the function of the host to another player.

Unfortunately, sometimes this function of DirectX is defective. The program waits for an answer from the eliminated player, but doesn't receive one. Only after a certain amount of time specified by DirectPlay, the program recognizes that no connection is present, announces a timeout, and the functions of the host are transferred to another player. The game then runs normally again. The length of the freeze is so long, though, that the players often discontinue the game.

On rare occasions this error can also occur when a a player other than the host drops out of the game.

Solution: We will substitute the DirectPlay routine with our own in the future. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether we will be able to have this routine ready by the time the rankings are released.

Not to offend anyone, but for once it wasn't Blue Byte's fault. Ain't that something. =) Just hope that they can get things working properly soon. /Marcus

 Two new maps uploaded  (April 14th, 18.39 GMT)
Maybe it's not a huge newsitem, but it is still two new maps that still can't be found on many sites around the net. They are quite similiar to eatchother, no wonder since they are called Lances Waterworld 1 and 2, (the second one is just a fixup of the first one). Keep on coming back for more new maps during the coming days! /Marcus

 Roman saved games are available  (April 13th, 20.28 GMT)
To complete the saved games section, have I today uploaded the last files. All of the roman saved games are available, unless the 7th one, since I somehow have lost it. But if anyone has got it, please zip it and send it to me.

Today did we recieve our 25000 visitor, not all that unsuspected since we get way more visitors nowadays than in the beginning of the site, maybe that's because of our big mapsection.

I have also read on S3 Goldmine that he's not very fond of our current poll. And I agree to some of what he says. Sure, it's a bit unfair, since our site is one among the "contestants". But I don't see it as a competition or something, it's more of a personal use for us, such as the last poll we had: "Do you like our new layout". We use the data we collect to improve our site, it may not seem like it, but it's the truth. And we do not want to cause any "war" between the different sites on the net, more the opposite. (But I sure want to get this sort of info in my mail, instead of reading about it on another site). And you must agree to the fact that it's a poll that people are interested in, it must be with nearly a hundred visitors in about a week.. /Marcus

 We are now affiliated with Clan UK  (April 12th, 20.48 GMT)
We have a new affiliate. It's Clan UK that we can present as our new affiliates. Please visit their site which is filled with strategic info and why not also have a look on their tournaments?

I have also added a link to Trist's S3 Site. One of the newest sites in the S3 community. /Marcus

 Clansection updated among other things  (April 12th, 18.42 GMT)
We can't only work on our mapsection, even though it's the part of the site we're most proud of. So today have I updated the clansection and hope that all of the information there should be correct.

I have also added a new map to the mapsection (we have 56 of them now =) and it's exclusive to World of Settlers and Clan UK. It's called UKish, is made for 4 players, and the author is TheCaster. So don't put this map anywhere else on the web, thanks! /Marcus

 Vote for us and a new map  (April 12th, 19.09 GMT)
As you all may have seen, so are we having a little competition about which Settlers 3 site that is the best on the net. So if you really like our site, please vote for us.

I have also added a new map to our mapsection(of course!!!) /Roberth

 Added more maps...  (April 11th, 22.53 GMT)
Today I added even more maps. I have also change the e-mail adress that you should use when you sending a map to me. The new one is Ok, thats all for today. See you tomorrow again. Same time, same url: :) /Roberth

 Added 6 new maps...  (April 10th, 23.32 GMT)
I added 6 new maps to our mapsection. 4 of them come from the new page, Tristīs S3 page.

We have now 51 maps and itīs growing all the time. If you want to have your map on the biggest S3-mapsite on the net, just mail them to me on this address,

And once again I fixed some Netscape bugs on the page. If you are using Netscape and are seeing some bugs on the page, please report them to me. /Roberth

 32 New maps!!!  (April 10th, 10.19 GMT)
Wow! 32 new maps. It will take a long time to play all those maps. It took me the whole night to download/upload all these maps. We here at World of Settlers will always have a lots of maps. So if you are looking for maps just have look here.

Some of the maps has 2 stars (**) besides their name. This means that they are exclusive to World of Settlers and can only be downloaded from here.

I have got some reports on broken links over at the maps-section. I have now fixed this, and Iīm really sorry for that. /Roberth

 New affiliate and what about those cheats?  (April 9th, 12.47 GMT)
We are finally affiliated with the great site Settlers 3 Goldmine. I don't know why we haven't been affiliated before, but it's better late than never.

And about the cheats I mentioned in the headline. Every once in a while, someone asks over on the official message board if there are any cheats to Settlers 3, and what they are in that case. I talked with Blue Byte about this and the answer I got was:

Sorry, I haven't got any more Settlers related hints than have been released on the internet and on our message board. Most of the cheats were taken out before the final version was released!

Hmm, does the line "most of the cheats" mean that there are cheats left in the game, or are they just referring to the "F12-cheat"? (which in my humble opinion hardly is a cheat, but a feature in the game). Guess we will never know..

I also asked them about the Mac-port of Settlers 3, and the exact date has not yet been set, but if everything goes as predicted will it be available mid-summer. /Marcus

 The fourth race has been confirmed!  (April 8th, 18.02 GMT)
I just read Blue Bytes press release on the official board, and it is true that the fourth race will be the Amazons as I wrote last night. Here is a piece of the press release:

Blue Byte has also let the "cat out of the bag", disclosing the identity of the fourth Settler race to be populating the screens of Settler players in September 1999, when THE SETTLERS III: QUEST OF THE AMAZONS hits the shelves. "Fans of the series have been bombarding us for ages with requests to finally let female Settlers pit their skills against their male counterparts," reveals Erik Simon, Development Manager at Blue Byte. "The new Amazon race will no doubt introduce some turbulence into the previously male-dominated Settlers world."

With the introduction of the Amazons, players can look forward to new characters, new buildings, new weapons, new acts of divine intervention, and finally new strategic avenues to pursue. "The Amazons will fight a little bit differently. We are quite curious to see how the existing [and well established] Settler races will counter this new threat," says Erik Simon with a somewhat mischievous smile.

Computer Gaming & Technology media will get a 'first look' at this new race at the upcoming E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Blue Byte Software will be located at Booth 2408 in the West Hall.

And today have I also uploaded all of the Asian saved games to our Saved Games section. I have changed my e-mail address as well, the new one is /Marcus

 The fourth race has been announced!  (April 7th, 23.37 GMT)
Well, we can't be for sure, but I just read on The Adrenaline Vault that Blue Byte has gone out with the information of what the new race is going to be: The Amazons!

The new CD that is coming out in september this year will be called The Settlers III: Quest of the Amazons. And the new race will bring new divine interventions, new characters, weapons and buildings along, which will make new strategies available as well. Too bad it's so far away, don't you think?

Read the whole article on the Vault here. And please come back for more news about this CD when we have got a chance to dig a little bit more in the info about it. /Marcus

 The 4th map from World of Settlers  (April 7th, 18.52 GMT)
Today I finished my third map and World of Settlers 4th. This one is a small map for two players. I played it yesterday and it really works fine, and itīs fast. So if you want to play a fast game(30 min) against 1 opponent, just download this map, called "Final Showdown".

We have today removed all our links to Settlers 3 Castle and Settlers 3 Battlefield, because that they havenīt updated theirs pages for over 1 month now.

I added one section today, Pollresults. There can you find all our results from our polls with a little comment to all results. I change the question today to find out which Settlers site that is the best on the net. /Roberth

 About our poll...  (April 6th, 20.58 GMT)
Today I added our site to some searchengines, so I hope that weīll get even more hits now.

As Marcus said before I noticed that more than 25% of our visitors donīt like the new layout, and we would really be glad if you mailed me and tell me what you donīt like, and then we could changed that. Thanks! /Roberth

 New map from WoS (again)  (April 6th, 18.42 GMT)
Well, we just seem to pump out new maps all the time here at World of Settlers. Here is my first map that I have been working on for more than 14 hours. It's called River Delta and is made for 4 players. Enjoy!

Included in the zipfile is a document which contains the essential information about the map, and please copy this document and place it with the appropriate information in the zipfiles with your own made maps. This will make it easier for us to update the mapsection. /Marcus

 New great map and fixed Netscape-bug  (April 6th, 18.24 GMT)
"Mystical Islands" is the name on the new really great multiplayer-map from World of Settlers. Have fun playing it. I also added screenshots to all maps so you now can see the maps before downloading it.

And now can even Netscapeusers vote in our excellent poll. /Roberth

 Our mailserver is working  (April 5th, 18.29 GMT)
I have finally got the word from the sysadmins, and the mailserver I and Roberth are using is working again. So if you have been trying to send us mail for the past week or so, and have not recieved an answer, please mail us again.

And as I have noticed in our current poll, about a fourth of our visitors are unhappy with the layout, so why not send me a mail, and tell me what is wrong, and maybe come up with some new ideas. /Marcus

 Strategysection added  (April 4th, 19.39 GMT)
We have added yet a new section to World of Settlers. The strategy section will contain long articles and disussions on different tactics in Settlers 3. At this very moment, we have two texts there; one about how to get a good start, and the other one on war, so check it out!

I have also added a Settlers 3 theme to download/others, and I must say it looks quite nice.

And our poll is not working any good with Netscape, we don't know why actually, but we will try and fix this problem as soon as possible. /Marcus

 Happy Easter everyone!  (April 3rd, 18.17 GMT)
So it's eastertime again. Hope you'll eating a lot of candy while playing Settlers and making new maps. I read over at Mark's S3 Site that the mission cd will be out April 14th in the U.S. So I guess that the huge amount of maps will be a few days away. But apperantly the cd is out in europe, so run and get it if you can and send us your maps! /Marcus

 The first map from World of Settlers!!!  (April 1st, 15.52 GMT)
"Free As A Bird" is the name on the first map from World of Settlers. Itīs really a great multiplayermap with four startpositions. Just download it and if you like it, please mail me and tell so...

I also fixed the bug in our mapsection so even Netscape users can download the maps now. /Roberth

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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