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 Old News - June 1999

 World of Settlers is up again  (June 29th, 18.58 GMT)
Not only has Blue Byte's servers been down lately, we have been having some trouble as well. And we are terribly sorry about our downtime that has lasted the last 24 hours. The reason was that the index-file wasn't properly uploaded, and therefor not showing correctly. Everything is fixed now though (as you can see), and we are doing our best to avoid these sort of things in the future.

For you Windows 9x users out there, have I uploaded the latest version of Direct Play (v6.1a), which should improve Settlers 3 gaming by optimizing the direct play protocols. It can be found here, or go to our download-section and choose a server by yourself. /Janx Spirit

 Blue Byte got hacked?  (June 29th, 18.46 GMT)
We all know that Blue Byte's servers has been offline almost all weekend, and here is their statement about this:

As a fact, the fora were inaccessible because our Website Internet Server was having problems. The Lobby Server, however, was not affected and its functionality was not impaired. Some of the CGI scripts did not work, which is the reason why the forum did not work either. Yet, Lobby games were correctly and counted, as could be seen on the World Ranking List pages, which stayed online all the time.

According to our provider the web server was subjected to hacker attacks on Thursday. However, our provider was as yet unable to confirm whether or not the crash had something to do with either hackers or system resources.

The average comments from the community shows that no one really believes that they got a screw up on the server, instead of getting hacked. It's not that hard to tell if you got hacked or not you know.. /Janx Spirit

 The official forum is back online  (June 28th, 19.23 GMT)
After being down for about a day or two, the official Settlers 3 forum is back online again. No explanation has been given about what caused the downtime, but it has probably something to do with Blue Byte's previous problems with their servers last week. /Janx Spirit

 Version 1.37 available  (June 26th, 19.42 GMT)
This weekend did Blue Byte release the 1.37 patch. It can be found in our Patches section or you could also download it directly from here.

The news in version 1.37 are:
· Correction of manna-production
· The effect of the magic spell "Samurai Sword" has been reduced

/Janx Spirit

 Mark's S3 site is closed  (June 24th, 15.56 GMT)
As I wrote yesterday had I heared that some S3-fansites were about to close, and it's now confirmed. Mark is closing his well known site. The reason: he has lost his interest in the game. Well, I don't blame him, I myself has lost a lot of interest in Settlers 3, but I hope that I can regain it again when I have the time to sit down in peace and play a 24-hour round.. =) /Janx Spirit

 Some more small updates of WoS  (June 23th, 21.43 GMT)
Well, what should you do when you don't have any sparetime? I will try and get the stuff I've promised you up by next week though. I'm also probably going to remake the Strategysection and rename it to "Articles", and let you all send in articles on different topics, dunno about it yet.

I heard today as well that some of the settlers sites most likely will close down. I'm not very surprised, since it's hard to run a S3 fansite today, and most of the sites doesn't update that much either.

And it's been a few days since I saw it, but S3 HQ is closed for the summer, and will probably open up again in August. /Janx Spirit

 Updated the poll  (June 23th, 21.21 GMT)
I've made a new question to the poll. I have got the impression while reading some computermagazines reviews of Quest of the Amazons, that they think there is too much extra maps and addons for Settlers 3. I now want to know what you true settlers fans think about this. So vote and hopefully the results will end up as I hope (good). /Ghengis^Khan

 Made a new linkbutton  (June 22th, 18.24 GMT)
Sorry, no new news on Settlers games today. But I have made a new button to World of Settlers. So if you have a page that link to us, please update that link with this new button. Thanks! /Ghengis^Khan

 Settlers 1 is still kicking  (June 20th, 18.27 GMT)
I have recived a couple of mails from people who wants some help with Settlers 1. I will try to do a little F.A.Q or something like that to this first game in the Settlers-series. /Ghengis^Khan

 Updates on the site  (June 20th, 15.01 GMT)
We have now finally got in place on this new account and got the files back in order after a long night of work. I have put up all of the Settlers files that can be found on Blue Byte's ftp, so that you have a fast mirrorserver to get patches and other files from. I might have missed some files, so if you find a broken link, please report it.

There is now tons of new info on it's way to be uploaded, so keep an eye out for more guides, tips and strategies. /Janx Spirit

 We have moved -  (June 20th, 01.14 GMT)
As World of Settlers is growing even bigger for every day, did we decide to move the site. It is now located on another server, and we have also got our own domain - - thanks to our host, ga-strategy.

This is the address where you from now on will find us. The old address will work for yet another month or so and transfer you automatically here, but please update your bookmarks and links now.

As a result of this move, will you see even more and better improvements of the site in the future. Especially within the download and tipssections. So come on back and visit the best Settlers site ever.

Also, we would like to thank Nutty for helping us out moving all the files from our old account to this one. /World of Settlers staff

 Linksection updated  (June 15th, 19.36 GMT)
I have made a little update to the links-section. You can now see when the linksection were last updated. And if you have a s3 site and want us to retest it, please mail me.

Once again we are having some server-problems. This time it's the mail that won´t work. But if you take a look at our staffpage you can see our secondary mail-addresses. /Ghengis^Khan

 Reviewsection updated  (June 15th, 17.05 GMT)
Even though Settlers 3 now is over six months old, is still a lot of people buying copies of it. A good thing to do before buying a game, is to read some reviews of it. So therefor have I updated the reviewsection a bit. Even if you already have the game can it be fun to read some of the reviews; what about quotes like "Lemmings Meet Warcraft" or "while the game is cute it's a complete waste of time".

The Asian walkthroughs will start to pop up here soon, and we are also working on walkthroughs for the Mission CD campaigns, so please come back. /Janx Spirit

 Lots of new Amazon info  (June 14th, 22.34 GMT)
Today did Blue Byte finally release some new info about the Amazons on their webpage. Here is a list of what will be included in the package:

· Stunning new video sequences add excitement to new game content!
· 10 new single player maps provide ample opportunity for a player to master the   characteristics and strategic skills of the Amazon race!
· 10 new multi-player maps provide gamers with the tools to show off newly acquired   skills in exciting online battles!
· A new Level Editor will be included with the Quest Of The Amazons CD!
· Enhanced content including 39 new buildings, and several new landscapes and   landscape objects!
· 8 new magic spells, unique to the Amazon race!
· Two new campaigns, each with 12 missions: Players can take up the sword of the   Amazons to defeat Egyptians, Romans and Asians or test their combat strategy and   wage war against the Amazons as one of the opposing races.
· A new thief unit can scout enemy territory and swipe the weapons and gold from   unsuspecting foes.
· The new workers in the Amazon race are: Beekeepers, Mead Makers and Alchemists,   each with their own unique building.

You can read about the Amazons on Blue Byte's site, and also read the brief preview from PlayTesters.

Settlers 3 - Quest of the Amazons will be released in September 1999 (estimated releasedate). /Janx Spirit

 Amazon screenshots  (June 12th, 09.57 GMT)
A couple of days ago were some screenshots of the Amazons released and spread around the net. Here is the four screenshots that can be found (click on a picture to enlarge in a separate window):

And if you find another screenshot of the Amazons or some new info that we yet haven't written about, please contact me. Oh, and by the way, Mark has regained access to his server again, and has started to update. /Janx Spirit

 Updates of gameplay in version 1.36  (June 11th, 21.56 GMT)
Blue Byte added some extra improvements in the 1.36 patch and this info wasn't published until today of some reason. Here is a list of all the updates of gameplay in version 1.36:

General improvements:
· Swordsmen have been strengthened, their damage points increased. The swordsmen   now come close to spearmen in strength.
· The range of effectiveness for the priest's acts of divine intervention have been   increased.
· The number of goods bestowed from the miracle of heavenly presents is now more   uniform.

Roman improvements:
· The intervention "Gorgeous Growth" works in a larger radius.
· Stones may (on a seldom basis) be included in the "Heavenly presents" miracle.

Egyptian improvements:
· The "Banning Foes" spell cost less manna the first time and can send up to 20 foes   elsewhere. The power radius of the priests has been increased so that they have a   better chance to cast their spells.

Asian improvements:
· The "high resources" setting now includes a third saw. This should eliminate an Asian   disadvantage at the beginning of a game with high resources.
· The divine intervention "Rushed Reinforcements" costs less manna the first time and   can bring up to 20 reinforcements.
· The miracle "Samurai Sword" costs more manna the first time but strengthens your   swordsmen not only in how fast they strike with their swords but also doubles the   damage they do with each stroke. Here it is advisable for the opponent to beat a   hasty retreat, even on home ground if a castle holds the Samurai warriors back long   enough.
· The spell "Heavenly Gifts" may now also include coal.

/Janx Spirit

 Page added about raising manna in Settlers 3  (June 10th, 22.03 GMT)
I have added a page to the site about raising manna in Settlers 3 - all the info you need for knowing how much manna you get from different races beverages, temples etc. You can find the page on the strategiespage, until we come up with a better organization within the tipssection. Don't forget to keep an eye out for the coming page about divine intervention.

I also got a message from Mark, telling me that he can't update his site due to technical problems. We will tell you when it's up and running with fresh news again. /Janx Spirit

 Version 1.36 is released  (June 9th, 21.48 GMT)
It didn't take long before Blue Byte decided to release yet another patch. You can either get the patch for all versions to version 1.36 here, or look for it in our downloadsection.

Updates in version 1.36 are:
· The entry "Amazons" no longer appears in the world ranking lists. Game   play errors resulting from this have been eliminated.
· The message that a game has not been saved in the last xx minutes has   been deactivated.
· The manna display has been corrected.

This continuing patching of Settlers 3 is getting a lot of people mad. No one can blame them for this, since it's irritating to download a 2 MB patch every other day. But we can be glad as well, since Blue Byte releases new features to us, that we don't have to pay for (except the phonebill, that is). /Janx Spirit

 New poll and the downloadsection is done  (June 7th, 22.46 GMT)
Due to the unexpected trouble we had last week at WoS has the poll been running for two weeks instead of the normal one, but that has been just ok. The results from "In the basic setup. What do you use for the scrollmode?" was that most people (79%) uses the right mousebutton to navigate in Settlers 3, as it has been in the previous settlers games. Click here for more complete info on that poll, and some comments.

Since Blue Byte has started the World Ranking Lists now, will the new poll be about that. The question for the week is "Will you compete in the World Ranking Lists, and if so, then which sections?". So go on and vote!

I have also finished the downloadsection with an update on the patches page. /Janx Spirit

 1.35 Patch released  (June 6th, 22.00 GMT)
Blue Byte has now released yet another patch. This time is it v1.35 that is the newest one. The most important update is probably the possibility to enter the S3 World Ranking Lists. Other new features are:

· The progress of the diggers at the construction site is now displayed as a   percent.
· Goods, which are lying free in your territory are now also brought to a   newly built storage area.
· There is now a warning message when you are about to crush your last   tower.
· If you have connection losses which can be traced back to poor   connection quality, the program now gives you a clear message about the   poor connection!

Since we currently are updating our downloadsection (some pages are already up such as the "Others", check it out), can you only download the patch from our site through this link [2.1 MB]. /Janx Spirit

 Technical difficulties at WoS the past week  (June 6th, 21.31 GMT)
As you may have noticed, so has WoS been offline parts of the week that has been, and we have not been able to update at all until now. This was due to etmnet moving our account to another updated server.

If you have been trying to send mail to either me or Ghengis^Khan, and not recieved an answer, please send the mail again and we will answer your mail as soon as we can. /Janx Spirit

 Fifteen new Settlers 3 maps added  (June 6th, 21.25 GMT)
It has been a while since the last time we added some Settlers 3 maps, so here are some from the big pile I have on my harddrive at the moment. I will add the rest later on this week, or maybe next week, it depends on when I get the time. Otherwise can you always download all our 123 Settlers 2 maps and play them while waiting.

I have also started with the big fixup of the downloadsection I'm working on, whith uploading a new savedgames-page, not all that new info on it maybe, but it is following the sites look a bit more than the old page. /Janx Spirit

 Amazon information section added  (June 6th, 21.18 GMT)
Since there has been a lot of information revealed about the fourth race, also known as the Amazons, have I added a complete section for this. As new information gets out, will we add it to that section as well as writing about it here in the news. /Janx Spirit

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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