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On this page will we collect all the results from our polls with some comments on every question.

May 23rd: In the basic setup under Game Controls, What do you use for the scrollmode? [63 votes total]

Right mousebutton (50) 79%

Bumpscrolling (9) 14%

Whatever gets me around (4) 6%

Comments: People seem to like the "ol' settlers style" when navigating around. The small amount that has chosen the bumpscrolling, are probably fans of other realtime strategy games, such as Red Alert, where this kind of navigationsystem is used.

May 16th: In the basic setup under Game Controls, have you adjusted the message level? [35 votes total]

Yes (14) 40%

No (4) 11%

What? Can you do that? (17) 49%

Comments: Quite scary results from this poll. We all thought that the average settlers player knew his/her way around the setupmenu better, but this is not the case as we can see here. The majority of players that know that you can get fewer messages when playing has changed this setting, so it seems to be a good implementation in the game by Blue Byte.

April 7th: Which is in your opinion the best Settlers 3 site on the web? [161 votes total]

World of Settlers (53) 33%

Mark's S3 Site (56) 35%

Settlers 3 Village (20) 12%

S3 Goldmine (9) 6%

S3 Headquarters (23) 14%

Comments: It's a surprise that Settlers 3 Village wasn't the most popular site on the web by the time we had the poll. Even though they have over 50.000 visitors, they didn't do that good. Maybe this is because they have been slow on the updates lately. But they are still somewhat of an legend among us true settlers, just as the Settlers 3 Heaven is.

Instead is Marks's S3 Site most popular today. Big congratulations to him for this success! The reason to this is probably the frequent updates, good content no the site, and Mark's activity in the messageboard.

Note that the results from this poll can't be taken seriously though. Our high placement depends probably on that we hosted the poll on our site. Also, the number of visitors the different sites has each week doesn't quite work out with the number of votes they have recieved.

April 1st: Do you like our new layout? [30 votes total]

Yes (20) 67%

No  (10) 33%

Comments: Not really what we expected but it's a great result anyway. We don´t know if the people that has voted "no" liked our old layout better, or if they just don´t like this one.

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