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 Settlers 3 Strategies - In the Beginning
In the very beginning of a game of Settlers, there is numerous theories of what to build and do first. The probably best way to start a normal game is described here in detail.

Goods and settlers in the beginning Goods and staff
If you start a game with normal goods, the picture here besides the text shows excactly what you start out with. Due to the low number of wood and stone you have got, it's important to get the industry going so your supplies get bigger on buildingmaterial. But we will get back to this later on.

The settlers you have is as few as the goods; you only have 32 free settlers and 15 soldiers. This makes it important to build residences and get the weaponindustry going fast.

The first buildings
The very first buildings you should build is two woodcutters. Place them so that you can get rid of trees that are growing in a nice place where some buildings would be better to have. Don't bother to build a forester, it's better to clear up some ground for farmers and other buildings. Also place a sawmill near these two woodcutters, since distances are quite critical this early in the game. And if you wonder why I said that you should place out the woodcutters before the sawmill, here is the answer: If you can get the woodcutters ready first, they will already have a few logs lying ready when the sawmill gets in shape, and you will save some time on this, not much, but still.

And in most games, you usually have some rocks within your territory in the beginning, so build two stonecutters near them.

The reason for building two woodcutters for one sawmill is that this ratio is working perfectly, the sawmill will have just enough to do, and the woodcutters won't get stuck with a big pile of logs just lying outside their huts. You can't get along with only one stonecutter very long either, since only one can't deliver enough stone in the beginning when you have a lot of buildings to contruct. And if your whole country gets slowed down in the beginning, it's not tha easy to catch up later on.

What to do while building that
Try and get these constructions going as fast as possible, but don't rush into placing the buildings bad, the location of them is very important.

While your settlers are working on the buildings, you have a lot of other tasks to do. You should make a couple of spies and send them outside your borders to do some scouting. Also make about five geologists and start to explore the nearest mountains.

When the buildings are almost finished
When you see that the workers are halfdone with your sawmill and the rest of the buildings, you can place out a medium residence in a nice location. Don't build a small one or a big one. The small one only gives you 20 new settlers, and that's really not enough. The large residence gives you on the other hand 100 settlers, but it takes way too much construction material, something you can't afford this early in the game. You have about enough material over to make a medium residence, without having to wait forever to get new material for other houses, so go for the medium one, and build only large ones later on.

If you are living next to some water, build a fishery near the water, since it doesn't need that much material, and it can do some fishing while building some mines, and that wil give the miners something to eat right away when they are going to work.

Back to the spies and geologists
Now will your workers get started with the medium residence and hopefully the fishery which together will take about 5 minutes to build. So it's high time for you to have a look on what your spies and geologists have found.

Take a brief look on the surrounding area where your spies have gone, and send them away to unexplored territory, which you eager to discover.

When the spies wander away, go over to the mountain where your geologists have been picking with their axes. They have most likely stopped working since they already have explored the whole area, so send them away to the surrounding mountain area where you wants to know what kind of minerals there may be, and click on "find resources" once again.

Now, start to build mines where you know what the mountain is containing. Make sure that you build enough colemines though. About two colemines for each ironmine, and one colemine for each goldmine should do it. You will not probably have enough cole in the mountain though, but try and fullfill these needs. But don't build more mines than necessery!

Alchohol is also important
You should as early in the game as possible get the winerys going. Build at least one winery before constructing your first mines, or right after the mines. Since it takes some time for the wine to get ready, you don't have to build a destiller/brewery quite yet, and therefore not a small temple, which takes quite some material to build. But whenever you have some material and space, you should construct those buildings so you can get plenty of mana, and promote your soldiers quick. (read more about this in the Make war, not love section).

Getting the rest in shape
Now is the base for your kingdom ready. Build the appropriate buildings with consideration taken to your newly constructed mines. If you have a goldmine, build a goldsmelter etc.

Expand your territory with small guardtowers (not castles), and build farmers and other foodsources for your miners. Don't let them run out of food!

Near mountains where you have precious territory to guard, or if you want to take as much land as possible, you can build medium guardtowers.

Keep on wandering around with your spies and geologists and explore as much as possible of the map. If you know where the gold and iron are located in the mountains, you can more easily plan your countrys infrastructure, building foodsources and ironsmelter etc. on good locations before even getting there.

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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