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 Settlers 3 Strategies - Raising manna in Settlers 3
To be able to promote your soldiers are you forced to raise manna. The manna can besides promotion being used by the priests to divine intervention.

There is two ways to raise the manna: Producing alchoholic beverages, and building large temples. They will both be explained later on.

The manna needed for promoting soldiers is different depending on which promotion it is. Here is a table showing how much manna you need for each promotion:

 1st promotion 10 manna
 2nd promotion 20 manna
 3rd promotion 30 manna
 4th promotion 50 manna
 5th promotion 60 manna
 6th promotion 30 manna

This means you need a total of 200 manna to get your soldiers fully promoted.

Now, the most common way of raising manna is to build up an industry for producing alchoholic beverages. The Romans make wine, the Asians ricewine, and the Egyptians make beer.

Both the Romans and the Egyptians get one manna from each number of beverage, ie one bottle of wine/beer gives you one manna. The Asians on the other hand, gets twice the manna, from the same amount of beverage. This is compensated with the fact that the Asians has to use up a lot of coal for producing their ricewine.

You will also get manna from building large temples. Each large temple gives you 8 manna. But it's hardly not recommended to build large temples just to get the manna. To get a full promotion of your soldiers by just building temples would you need 25 of them, and that means a lot of space and material.

(All information on this page was provided to us by Spittledung)

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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