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Packshot The Settlers II Gold Edition

A delightful economic simulation set in Medieval Times.

It contains both the original version of The Settlers II (sequel to The Settlers, also known as Serf City) and The Settlers II Mission CD.

After fighting a losing battle with the raging sea, a brave people find themselves stranded on an apparently uninhabited island, with their ship destroyed. You must now lead these survivors on the ultimate quest - World Domination!

Build your kingdom with the help of hunters, soldiers, shipbuilders and more at your command. Lead your armies into battle, manage your resources, and choose your strategies carefully to avoid defeat at all costs.

Slog through the dense jungles of South America, fight for survival in the icy tundra of Siberia, and wage epic battles in the scorching deserts of Africa!

  • Face the challenge of 49 maps and conquer the world!
  • Choose from four different nations, each with their own unique culture!
  • Direct your animated subjects throughout your empire; thousands may be active on-screen simultaneously!
  • Use the map editor to create additional new worlds with exciting landscapes, volcanic areas, deep valleys, vast mountains and more!
  • Construct a fleet of ships to explore uncharted waters and supply provisions to new islands!
  • Zoom-in and follow any one of your loyal subjects as they perform their assigned tasks!
  • Create elaborate settlements from a variety of over 25 different building types!
  • Battle against or lead a nation of Romans, Asians, Nubians or Vikings!
  • Face the treacherous snow and ice of the Winter Scenario!
  • Take advantage of the on-line help and window-oriented interface!
  • Challenge up to six computer opponents, or choose the multi-player mode for two player games!
  • Enjoy digitized speech and highly-detailed, hand-painted graphics!

Technical Requirements

Minimum Configuration:

  • IBM PC or 100% compatible
  • 486DX/2 66 MHz processor & higher
  • At least *MS DOS 5.0, *Windows® 95 or *Windows® 95 in *MS DOS mode
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 40 MB of free hard-disk space
  • Double-speed CD-ROM drive
  • PCI or VLB graphics card, VESA driver
  • SVGA mode, supports all resolutions between 640 x 480 and 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Microsoft mouse or compatible
  • 2 mice are required for 2-player mode

Recommended Configuration:

  • Pentium 75 MHz
  • 16 MB RAM


  • All standard sound cards


Available now at a store near you.

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