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 Single Player Guide for the Roman Campaign
As Romans you will play as Septimus (S)

MISSION 1: First Steps
  1. After a short time you will meet your enemy in the north. He is very weak and you can attack him with your army. When you want some more time, you should expand your borders to the North and the West. In the West you will find the resources you need to build up your army.

MISSION 2 : After The War
  1. For the first time you need to build up two settelments. Build on both of the island a Medium Residence. Change some of the new settlers into pioneers.
  2. On the main island (A) are no enemies. Let your pioneers take the island and build up your production for building materials. You should build a Ironmelter and a Shipyard, so you can transport your troops quickly to the outpost (B) with your transportships.
  3. At the outpost (B) let your pioneers take the land towards the West and then the South, so that you can build a watchtower south of the stone fields. This way you cut of your enemy from the start. But be carefull: The Yellow enemy will attack this tower if you don't bring your army from the main island (A) to the outpost (B).
  4. Expand your outpost (B) to the landcrossing (X) near the Blue enemy and secure this border.
  5. With tradeships you can transport tools and building materials form A to B. Cut down the forest near outpost B so you will have room for your Food and weapons production.
  6. Now you can build up your settelment (B) in peace. When you attack one enemy make sure the other border is protected as well.

MISSION 3 : Northeren Meetings

If you haven't downloaded the new settlers patches (get it here) the information in this mission briefing is not correct. You will have to destroy the pirates (P) and the North-eastern enemy (RA) to complete this mission. (Not both the notheren enemies). On your main island (A) you have enough room to build the buildings you need.
  1. Build up your production on island (A) and make sure that you produce enough food for your mines. Mine your goldore from two goldmines and melt them into goldbars so that your soldiers gain strength faster.
  2. Build as soon as possible a shipyard so that you can transport your troops to outpost (B).
  3. When you run out off coal on your main island, move to your outpost to continue mining. You can transport it between your settlements or build up your production near those mines.
  4. You will need some new soldiers to attack and destroy your enemy in the north-east, but wait untill their strength outside your borders around 75% is.
  5. The Pirate (P) has a lot of well trained soldiers and loads of gold. To beat him you will need a very big army. You can drop off your soldier on the island south of the Pirates and invade his land by crossing the small passage (X). To make it easier you should build up two wineries and a small temple. With the mana you build up you can upgrade your soldiers.

MISSION 4 : Trouble On The Western Front

On this map you will need to switch the P and the S. A minor error that hasn't been corrected by Blue Byte!!
  1. Make some pioneers and move then to the end off the arrows and let them thake the land there as soon as possible.
  2. In the north-west you should build a big tower near the land crossing.
  3. The border in the north will be attacked often by the yellow enemy. Here you should build a couple of small and big towers in a row.
  4. Speed up your production of bows and spears so that you can occopy your buildings near the border fully.
  5. When you secured your borders, you can now turn to producing wine, gold and weapons (don't forget the food for your mines). Make your army as powerfull as possible!!
  6. First attack the yellow enemy in the north but keep an eye on your north-west border as well.
  7. When you defeated the yellow enemy, you can turn your attention towards the pirates. You will have the advantage because you can attack from two sides thus destracting the enemy real good.

MISSION 5 : The Race

Even when your island is very small you can build all the buildings you need. Use the landmass in the south-west for you farms.
  1. Again you will need a shipyard very quickly. Explore the islands A1,A2,A3 in the north. Be sure you find out the position of the Goldmelters and the goldstorages.
  2. Search in the earlier stage of the level for unoccupied land where you can drop off your soldiers without any danger of them being attacked.
  3. Don't wait to long with your attacks because when your enemies have 70 goldbars you will have lost the level. Most of the gold is on the island A2 so try to conquer that one first.
  4. When you have conquered the island with the gold, the rest of the misson is really easy because your soldiers have gotten stronger due to the recent gold treasure you captured.

MISSION 6: Volcano Island

You are in the same situation as in mission 5, but now your production facilities are nearly build completely.
  1. Build a medium residence and a shipyard. It will take a few minutes before your mines will start producing because your food production has to startup first.
  2. The islands in the north-west you can ignore. You need a transport ship as soon as possible so you can transport your troops to the island (RA).
  3. Drop off your troops at the landmass marked with the X. As soon as you have transported most of your soldiers you can strike your enemy. Your enemy is still in the building-up stage and doesn't pose a very big problem.

MISSION 7: The Traitor's Wrath

  1. Bring all your soldiers to the Yellow X. Tear down any useless towers to free up some more soldiers.
  2. The enemy is at this stage not prepared for an attack. Invade his borders with all your soldiers at once.
  3. It's very important that you keep your soldiers together so you out number your enemey at all times. Move from one tower to the other and tear down the ones behind you you have conquered, so that the enemy can't take them back.
  4. After 5-10 minutes you will have captured all of the enemies towers and you will have won this level.

MISSION 8: The Merchant's Last Order

In this mission you will use the same tactics just like in mission 7.
  1. Move all your toorps to small land mass at the yellow X.
  2. At the same time build a medium residence so you have new recruits and carriers.
  3. At point A build up your food production (one farm is allready build) so you can start up your mining.
  4. When your soldiers have gathered at the X, move them over the landmass and captuer a few towers so that you make a breach in his land. The enemy isn't ready for such an attack yet this early in the game. But now your enemy will try to get his buildings back so keep 10-15 soldiers ready to wear of those attacks.
  5. In the meantime you should build up more troops in your barracks so that you can continue your attacks. First move south and take all the land.
  6. The enemy is defeated allready but you will need to take all his towers to complete this mission.

This file was made by Jeroen Meerts Ó for World of Settlers. File made on 31/03/1999

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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