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 Single Player Guide for the Egyptian Campaign
Below you will find maps and info on how to complete each of the Egyptian Missions. In all of the levels you will play as Ramadamses and shown on the maps as "RA". Special Thanks to Jeroen Meerts for this info.

MISSION 1: The Hunt for Gold
  1. Concentrate first on a good functional Food production and Metal smeltingworks. Build a medium Residence building just to be sure that your transport of goods doesn't stop.
  2. Build towers when you expand your borders to the North. When you encounter the enemy border build a big tower and occupy it full with soldiers. Any attacking troops will be worn off easily by the bowmen in the big tower.
  3. Build up your army and attack the eastern part of the enemy settlement first. There is a barrack with loads of weapons. By doing that you prevent the computer opponent that he has a quick and stable defence capability if you attack again. Conquer the rest to the west and then move towards the west (look at map) and then the rest towards the south.

MISSION 2 : The Loophole
  1. Try to take as much land as possible in the southeast.
  2. Tsu-Tang will not attack over the mountains but the southeast should be protected well because he will often start attacks there. Spread your troops at that border and near the towers to secure that region.
  3. Plan the construction of your settlement carefully, because there isn't much room to build. The buildings for making iron and weapons have the highest priority. The more troops you have the longer Tsu-Tang (computer) will think about attacking you.
  4. Build a goldmine and melt the gold into goldbars to strenghten your soldiers outside your borders. Try to upgrade your soldiers with beer as well.
  5. With an army cut off the delivery between mines and melters first. Then capture the rest of the enemy settlement piece by piece.

MISSION 3 : The Big Island

  1. When you start this mission you will have to make free space to build. Under the Yellow X is more space to build. Break down the towers to the north and don't forget to move your troops also. They secure the borders.
  2. Make with the help of your woodcutters enough free space to build.
  3. In the southeast build your mines on the mountains, but becarefull not to go too far to the east. If you do so you will attract the attention of the enemy. He will try to capture your settlement with stormattacks.
  4. A little bit above the Yellow X there is a small mountain with gold and coal. Use this spot to make goldbars and make your soldiers stronger.
  5. Secure your settlement with two big towers.
  6. Build up a powerfull army but don't wait to long with the attack on the towers in the east.

MISSION 4 : The Romans

  1. On all three islands you'll find rawmaterials and some tools. Don't try to build up these settlements otherwise you'll not be able to complete this mission. Septimus, at the south of the main land, builds up a Hugh army of over one-hundered soldiers in a short periode of time. You won't have a chance to beat it, if you don't attack it on the right time.
  2. Build on the eastern island a shipyard and build a transport ship. Break down all the towers on all the three islands and when the transport ship is ready gather your troops and bring them to the Yellow X. There is a mountain. North from those mountains are the enemy mines. You will have to capture that terratory in order to cut the enemy of from its raw materials. After that attack all remaining towers one after the other.
  3. When you have destroyed Septimus, break down all his towers to free up your soldiers, so that you have more free troops for the attack on the pirates. The pirates didn't concentrate on building up a strong army and they will be easily defeated by your remaining troops.

MISSION 5 : Into The West

  1. At the Yellow X build the following buildings in this order: two towers, a stonecutter, a woodcutter and a sawmill. Build them next to each other and as far to the west as possilble. Try moving to the west as far as possible by building towers.
  2. On the main island (Ra1) build a normal settlement. On the westcoast build a shipwharf and build a couple of transportsships and move all your available troops to your other settllement (Ra2).
  3. Produces weapons on the main island and transport them with a couple of tradeships to the other settlement. This way you will safe time because you don't have to transport your troops by hand. Don't forget to build residences at the settlement (Ra2) for recruiting the soldiers and don't forget to build barracks also.
  4. Attack Tsu-Tang first. Your settlement should be kept fully secured and equipped because Septimus starts a counter strike after the defeat of Tsu-Tang. But after that Septimus doesn't pose any threat and is conquered very easily.

MISSION 6: The Northern Flank

  1. Secure the land to the west at the Yellow X. The faster Septimus has noticed you the sooner he will start his storm attacks. Count on regular attacks from lonely soldiers or small enemy armies!!
  2. Build at the Yellow X two big towers and occupy them with swordsmen who are scattered around your land. Break down the towers that are not being used for guarding your borders. With those free soldiers you must guard the land at the Yellow X. Later on you should put an army there to keep that piece of land secure.
  3. Build a healer near the Yellow X so that wounded troops can be healed quickly.
  4. Concentrate on building your mines, iron smelting works, weaponsmith and barracks quickly.
  5. Don't wait to long with your attack. Septimus army grows quickly. Attack Tsu-Tang in the north first.

MISSION 7: Three Islands

  1. Take the unoccupied land on the island (Ra1) with pioneers. By doing that you save the building space you would use for towers.
  2. Build at stonecutter, woodcutter and a sawmill first to make up some room on the small island. Then build a shipwharf, coal and ironmine and an iron melter as well. With merchantships bring wood, stones and pioneers to the islands B and C. For completing the mission it doesn't count if you take the islands with pioneers so build on each island one tower.
  3. Build on island B and C a complete food chain for bread and transport the bread back to island Ra1.
  4. On island Ra1 build a barracks and when you have a strong and big army move your troops to island A. The spot marked with the Yellow X is the best landing spot for your troops because it is neutral terrain.
  5. To win this mission you have to conquer the whole of island A.

MISSION 8: The Hangmen

  1. Bring all the soldiers that are scattered around your islands to Ra5. It should be guarded well because if you loose it you will have lost the mission.
  2. Transport with several merchantships raw materials and foodstuff from the islands Ra2, Ra3 to Ra1. There is room enough to build some additional buildings but you don't have much time for it.
  3. Attack Tsu-Tang first from the settlement Ra5. Septimus has all ready many troops and upgraded weapons fom the beginning of the mission. To defeat him you will have to upgrade your weapons as well. A massive attack on Septimus’ towers doesn’t work. Concentrate on small land masses and try to reach his towers with your heavy weapons. Attack a tower that is far away from the one you wish to capture. Septimus will send all his troops to the point you attack. This is the right moment to attack the tower (you wish to capture) with a small army. With this tactic move south and after a while southeast to wipe him out for good.

This file was made by Jeroen Meerts Ó for World of Settlers. File made on 31/01/1999

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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