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 Single Player Guide for the Demo
Welcome to The World of Settlers Guide to the Settlers 3 Demo. Here you will find the complete walkthrough of how to complete this one level demo and get the most out of it. Please note that this guide is intended for less experienced players and thus explains a lot of the basics of the gameplay.

Playing the Demo map
For those of you who have never played any of the previous settlers games, start with the tutorial provided in the demo, but for those of you who have an idea, lets start directly with the demo map.

You start at the bottom right of the map with the enemy starting at the top left. As you can see, you start with quite a lot of resources and settlers. (Click on image for larger view)

Firstly I feel that it is important to move my Army units out of the way so my carriers and other essential workers can move faster without big traffic problems. Select all you army units and send them just outside your borders.

Then the time has arrived to get the basic buildings up (all found under the resource building tab). Build a Woodcutter (close to trees), a Sawmill (close to Woodcutter), and a Quarry (close to rocks). When your woodcutter starts chopping those trees, you also want to build a forester nearby to plant some more trees so that you don't run out of wood. Click on the picture to the right to see exactly where to place these buildings. This will get you going with the basic resources, once these are up, you will be able to expand to other buildings as you now have a good supply of stone and wood which is required for building.

Now you need to expand your borders to get more ground for other buildings. You do this by building either a Guard Tower or Large Guard Tower on your borders and occupying it with a army unit.

Once occupied, your borders will expand instantly. I recommend that you start only by building Guard Towers, you can fit 3 (top middle, right and left) on your grounds. Continue building Towers every time your ground is expanded, so that you gain a lot of ground quickly.

Soon you will find a small mountain area to the left of where you started. Send you Geologists to go check the mountain for resources by moving them to the area, and then clicking "Find Resources" (as seen in the screenshot).

This will cause them to dig around in the ground and determine which resources (Gold, Coal, or Iron) are in the ground. When they find any of them, you will be notified by a message on the bottom of the interface menu and a small board will appear at the location (take a look at the screenshot to the right).

Once you found them, start building mines on top of each location, please beware not to put the wrong mine on a location as it will just cause the miner to find nothing. Also, when they are up, go to the good distribution menu and tell the food to be spread evenly over all the mines (all currently go to the gold mine).

Then you need some food for the miners or they will not work effectively. The easiest way to accomplish this is by building a fisher hut near the water at the bottom. This guy alone will catch enough to keep most of your miners happy.

By this time you will notice that things are starting to slow down a bit. This is mainly because your Settlers are getting specialized and you need more of them. Under the Misc building menu, build a Residence. A Residence will give you something like 10 more settlers (or a similar number) to help you with your community.

It is very important that you remember to build residences as you require them. If you ever sense that things are going too slow, if it takes a while to get resources carried to where they are required, then you are already to late. You must try and avoid this problem as it will give the enemy time to expand faster than you and get all the buildings required for a army before you.

Continue to expand you ground until your borders reach those of the enemy. Don't worry about being attacked, as your Towers will be able to handle the attack. Then you can start building more food related buildings to supply those mines. build a Grain Farm, a Mill and a Bakery close to each other (but also giving the farmer space to grow), check the screenshot. The grainfarmer will produce grain, which goes to the mill and is turned into flour, and the flour is in turn needed by the baker to make bread. The Baker will also require water, so you will have to build a Waterworks, but you must place it close to a river or swamp for it to work. With this complete, you can stop thinking about food and concentrate on your army.

Now that your mines have more than enough food, you will find yourself with a lot of Iron, Coal and Goldore. Build a IronSmelter to convert the Ironore to Ironbars (it also requires coalore) and a GoldSmelter to change the goldore into Goldbars (also requires coal). In this demo, you cannot do much with gold bars. For tools, you can build a Toolsmith which will take Ironbars and coal and make tools you require for specialized Settlers.

A weaponsmith is similar to a Toolsmith, but it produces only weapons for your army (predictable). When weapons are being manufactured, you need a Barracks to train your men into army units. The weapons will automatically be transported to the barracks, and if you change your settings to manual army control, you can quickly get quite a few army units of your choice.

If you find yourself not producing weapons fast enough, then you will be happy to notice that Bluebyte included a surprise in the top right corner of the map. If you take all the ground right to the top right tip you will find it (check the screenshot).

Once it is on your grounds, your carriers will automatically come and pick it up and take it over to your barracks. This is really great as you can have a massive army to attack the computer in a few seconds. On the other side of the map there is a similar surprise in the form of Gold bars. You can find them at the bottom left.

So now that you have a army, and your border is right next to the enemy on every part of the map, it is time to take him out. Get all your troops together, and head over to border to his towers.

Attack each tower one at a time and you will find the computer quite easily to defeat. As you take his towers, you will see his grounds retreat and buildings burn down. Don't leave any enemy buildings standing, and as soon as you have the last tower, the game will be over, You Won!

In Conclusion...
That is basically it for the demo, go get the full game now! I realize that you can attack the computer much earlier in this demo, but why spoil the fun? You can also play around with the few remaining buildings which include Pig Farm, SlaugherHouse, and some others.

Please tell me what you think of this Guide to the demo, mail me here. Also, would you like a see a similar guide for the levels of the Full game?

This Guide is the Property of World of Settlers and may not be reproduced without permission from Dieter Leibold.

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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