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 Settlers 3 - Quest of the Amazons - News
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 New Amazon screenshots  (August 4th, 19.37 GMT)
Here is some of the new screenshots that Bluebyte has release. More screenshot can you find in our Amazon section. I will add a new section in our Amazon section that will contain all screenshots of the Amazon tribe. But I'll do that tommorow cause now am I going to play some golf :) /Ghengis^Khan

Lots of new Amazon info (June 14th, 1999)
Here is a list of what will be included in the package:

· Stunning new video sequences add excitement to new game content!
· 10 new single player maps provide ample opportunity for a player to master the   characteristics and strategic skills of the Amazon race!
· 10 new multi-player maps provide gamers with the tools to show off newly acquired   skills in exciting online battles!
· A new Level Editor will be included with the Quest Of The Amazons CD!
· Enhanced content including 39 new buildings, and several new landscapes and   landscape objects!
· 8 new magic spells, unique to the Amazon race!
· Two new campaigns, each with 12 missions: Players can take up the sword of the   Amazons to defeat Egyptians, Romans and Asians or test their combat strategy and   wage war against the Amazons as one of the opposing races.
· A new thief unit can scout enemy territory and swipe the weapons and gold from   unsuspecting foes.
· The new workers in the Amazon race are: Beekeepers, Mead Makers and Alchemists,   each with their own unique building.

You can read about the Amazons on Blue Byte's site, and also read the brief preview from PlayTesters.

Settlers 3 - Quest of the Amazons will be released in September 1999 (estimated releasedate).

Amazon screenshots (June 12th, 1999)
A couple of days ago were some screenshots of the Amazons released and spread around the net. Here is the four screenshots that can be found (click on a picture to enlarge in a separate window):

Technical issues about playing with the Amazons (May 16th, 1999)
When setting up a game the host can decide, whether the amazons will be enabled or not for this game. When they are enabled only owners of the Settlers III Plus CD will be able to join. When not enabled everybody can join the game. So if one player wants to play the amazons all players of the session must be owners of the Plus CD.

Amazon info from the E3 event (May 15th, 1999)
The following information was posted by Joseph Twu (Lamebrain/bort) on the official message board.

· They will use a more balanced diet of stone and wood than the Romans.

· Instead of a spy, will they have a thief unit. It works just as a spy, besides   when he actually steals something in the enemy territory, he will head   straight back to home. This can cause trouble with enemy troops etc. But   Blue Byte will try to change it so that we can control the thief even after   he has stolen something.

· The big war machine will be a giant magic gong, that shatters towers and   castles with an astounding sound.

· The Amazons will have the basic military troops, but they are stronger than   their opponents. I.e. a fully promoted Amazon swordswoman, will beat a   fully promoted Roman swordsman, in neutral territory. The level of the units   will be displayed with different hair color

· Apparently they will have Alchemists (with an appropriate hut as well) that   with coal and sulfur can make any item you want! (Dunno if this is true   though).

· The new spells are: Capability to move items anywhere on the map.   Freezing of enemy units. Making troops immune to bowmen. A "Forest   curse" (like the stone curse, but with trees). And finally the big one: Ability   to view the whole map for 30 seconds!

Also, they will not have warships or similar things. Just the plain old ships.

Blue Byte official press release (April 8th, 1999)
Blue Byte has also let the "cat out of the bag", disclosing the identity of the fourth Settler race to be populating the screens of Settler players in September 1999, when THE SETTLERS III: QUEST OF THE AMAZONS hits the shelves. "Fans of the series have been bombarding us for ages with requests to finally let female Settlers pit their skills against their male counterparts," reveals Erik Simon, Development Manager at Blue Byte. "The new Amazon race will no doubt introduce some turbulence into the previously male-dominated Settlers world."

With the introduction of the Amazons, players can look forward to new characters, new buildings, new weapons, new acts of divine intervention, and finally new strategic avenues to pursue. "The Amazons will fight a little bit differently. We are quite curious to see how the existing [and well established] Settler races will counter this new threat," says Erik Simon with a somewhat mischievous smile.

Computer Gaming & Technology media will get a 'first look' at this new race at the upcoming E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Blue Byte Software will be located at Booth 2408 in the West Hall.

Copyright © 1999 Roberth Läckström & Marcus Rangell

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