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 Bye Bye... (September 22nd, 20:44 GMT)
This is our last update here at World of Settlers. We have lost our fate in Blue Byte , and just don't think the game is any fun anymore. The game has been out for almost a year, and still a lot of work needs to be done to the core of Settlers 3. We really don't think that they can make up for it by releasing a lot of addons (Amazons and Mission CD). If now Settlers 4 is going to be a great game, we might return. Oh, and by the way. Marco of CC told Janx yesterday that the Amazons already had been cracked. How about that!

We wish our favorite S3 page, NITR8's S3 SITE, good luck in the future, and hope his site will grow to the biggest s3 site on the net today.

Okey, that's all for us. Remember that you always can e-mail us at &

/Ghengis^Khan & Janx Spirit

 Yes, S3 HQ is closed. (September 20th, 14:24 GMT)
Yes, it is true that Settlers 3 HQ is finally closed. That doesn't mean though, that stalin_ra (aka stalinRA), the person responsible for the site, is permanently away. I'm alive and well, and have joined the WoS staff to do some occasional updating. Everything useful to WoS will now be moved from The S3 HQ and placed here, so nothing will be really lost in a greater scale of things.

Now, this is all getting very exciting - Top S3 sites are closing... or merging with The World of Settlers. This makes Wos the largest Settlers 3 site existing. And the tendency doesn't look changing. First there was the The Settlers 3 Village, which was on about the same level as WoS if not greater - it merged with WoS. Then The S3 Goldmine closed (for those of you who don't know; S3 Goldmine was one of the best S3 sites about 5-6 months ago) After this The WoS was almost closed, hmm, it actually was, but resurrected and gained more power being maintained by more staff members. Mark's S3 Site had a clinical death this summer (Mark anounced the closing of his site and finished working on it for several weeks), but survived somehow. The Settlers Inn is the latest was gone about the same time I was. And as you can see the closing of S3 HQ led to an additional member in the staff and a lot of new material. So my conclusion is that the future of WoS is secure and we can now concentrate on serving the Settlers community even better and further. Hello World of Settlers, I'm glad to be a part of your staff :)/stalin_ra (Ex- Settlers 3 HQ Admin)

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