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Old News
February 1999
January 1999
December 1998
November 1998

7 February 1999 - Explanation of the ratingsystem · Roberth
I have recieved a number of letters about us having to little information and tips for Settlers. But this will change. We have started a cooperation with Settlers 3 Commonwealth. And thanks to this, the info and tips section will grow rapidly during the following weeks.

Keep on sending in your thoughts about our site. We appreciate it a lot, because even if it's all negative, we have a hunch on what we have to do to make the site better. I have recieved some point of views on our way to judge what a settlers page should have for grade. Therefore shall I now make clear the criterias we use when grading the pages:

1. Why should I visit the page instead of just going to
2. Is there a lot of information about the game?
3. Is there a lot of files and addons to download that is about the game?
4. Is the layout friendly to your eyes?
5. Is the site easy to navigate in?
6. Is there good contact information so that you easily can contact the sites author?

6 February 1999 - New clanlinks, and the 1.25 patch is soon here! · Marcus
Two new clans have been added to our clan-section. But I (and many others) can't see the need for a "lamers-section" on clan pages. Sometimes you really have to leave a game, or the computer may crash or something, and just because of that, you'll get lamer-listed?? Silly..

The 1.25 patch will be out within a week now, fixing a lot of irritating bugs in the game. Thanks to Mark´s Settlers 3 Site for this info.

5 February 1999 - F.A.Q is up, among other things · Marcus
The links section has been cleaned up now since some sites have shut down lately..

The F.A.Q is finally up and running (yes, this time it's true). I know that it has taken some time, but now we are really trying to make this page bigger and better.. Please send in your questions so that we can expand this section, and why not send in some questions about Settlers 1 and 2 as well?

I've changed e-mail address to, the same domain that my cousin also has the mail on. I've used this mail the past two weeks, and I have redirected my old e-mail to this one, so it doesn't really matter which one you send the mail to, but you should update your records anyhow..

4 February 1999 - Official Strategy Guide · Roberth
I have change my e-mail adress. Please update your adressbooks. The new one is:

You can order the Settlers 3 official strategy guide right here.

I have added some "fresh" info about Settlers 1, you can have a look at it here.

3 February 1999 - Added a new site · Marcus
Yet a new Settlers site is up and running again. Settlers 3 HQ is an ordinary site like the many others about Settlers 3 out there. But the nice with this site is the layout and design, check it out, I think you'll like the map-scrolling.. =)))

2 February 1999 - Building Material List · Roberth
At last the Settlers 3 Material Building List is ready. I don´t know why we haven´t had this one up until now. One explanation would be that we had more important things to do.

Tomorrow our first F.A.Q will be up. It will contain some questions that we have recieved since we started up our site the 3 november 1998. Please continue to send us questions about Settlers 3.

Have a look at and you will be surprised. You will come to Microsoft´s Windows NT infopage. This news where brought to you by Mark´s Settlers 3 Site. It's not the first time it's been like this, wonder what they are up to.. =)

1 February 1999 - Added info about Settlers 2 · Roberth
I added some info about the great game Settlers 2. Even if Settlers 3 is the latest game in this serie, we here at World of Settlers will bring you the latest news and files to Settlers 2 and Settlers 1.

I also fixed some bug in this page. And updated the What´s Up section.