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Site Name                            Description                            Ratings
Settlers 3 Temple Closed.
Settlers 3 Heaven Closed.
The Malachi's Multiplayer Guide to The Settlers 3 Good multiplayers strategy guides. A must if you're playing a lot against other people.
Settlers 3 VillageOne of the best sites, you should pay them a visit!!
Settlers 3 PalaceNot so much on it yet.
Settlers 3 CastleNice little page.
Settlers 3 BattlefieldA great page with a very good layout.
Settlers -The WeaponsmithyGreat page.
Mark´s Settlers 3 SiteNice and clean page.
Settlers 3 Online ClubCool page.
Settlers 3 Tower New page, not so much on it yet.
Settlers 3 CommonwealthSome sort of interactive site.
Die Siedler 3 Isle (German) A rather well-developed site
Settlers 3 JaystationSmall site, and quite old too.
Settlers 3 Goldmine A goodlooking site that still need some work.
Stonecutters S3 site A site that as many others need a lot of work.
The Settlers 3 Resource CenterNeeds some work too...
Settlers 3 Catapult HallA little hard to read the text on the blue background.
Clan UK Redesign of an old site. If you're running a clan, check it out!
Settlers 3 Battle PageA whole new site. May be something in the future. But it has a lots of bugs.
Settlers 3 HQCool site. This one is growing at this moment. So in a near future I think this site is worth a 4/5.
Blue ByteBlue Byte´s homepage. The official Settlers3 site.

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