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About Settlers 1

The Settlers

Haven't you always wanted to be king? Indulge your fantasy in the world of the "The Settlers." You alone determine how your kingdom will be formed, how large it will be, whether to limit your ambitions to agriculture, breeding of stock, and fishing or whether you want to start an industrial revolution.

You decide where and what to build, where and how to plan your roadways, where to mine for mineral resources, and where and when you want to attack your opponents. Your subjects fell trees, work in mines, produce weapons and tools, and transport building materials.

Your goal is to build up a well-functioning and successful settlement, with which to conquer land and opponents. That may sound simple but it isn't. For instance, to conquer your opponents, you must destroy their castle. But to destroy an enemy’s castle, you must have well-equipped and highly-motivated knights, and to accomplish that you need gold for their morale and for their weapons you need iron, coal, and smiths to forge the weapons. But they all must eat and for that you must supply them with food, and that means you need fishermen and farmers, who then in turn need buildings in which to work, and which in turn means your going to need building material and people who can construct those buildings.

Create your own kingdom, consisting of many thousands of tiny subjects, and make sure you look after their welfare-who knows what it might lead to.


  • 2-player-mode: Compete simultaneously against a friend or the computer!
  • Depending on your computer's specifications, you'll be able to enjoy from 4,000 up to 64,000 tiny settlers!
  • 20 different occupations!
  • 5 different knights!
  • 30 Missions!
  • 10 additional training maps!
  • Computer generated scenarios!


Technical Requirements:

IBM PC and 100% compatibles

Minimum Configuration:

Requires 386 or higher
550KB free memory
5MB hard drive space

VGA, Super VGA
Soundblaster, Soundblaster Pro, AdLib Gold, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland Soundcards
1-2 Players
Mouse or Joystick (2 Players)

What the press say…

"A nice blend of economics, feudal politics and good old barbarian aggression!"
PC Format

"The graphics are quirky, cute and interesting - a good blend of playability and presentation"
PC Review

"Settlers is a classy little game, it encourages thinking and planning, whilst tinkling that little urge inside us that wants to play God!"
PC Format

"Superior strategy is the ‘god aim’ vein from Blue Byte. This slice of medieval resource-management and warfare is a cut above most!"
PC Gamer