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Settlers 1 - Serf City
Coming soon...

Settlers 2 - Veni, Vidi, Vici
Coming soon...

Settlers 3 - On land, On sea, On-line
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Q - I have problem with sending goods via trade ship to another island. Do you have any idea how to do it?
A - What you have to do first is to build a shipyard, so that you later on can build ships. In the near, you should also construct a landing dock. After that, you build a transport ship so that you'll be able to transport merchendise. In the landingdock menu, a list of all the merchendise you can transport over water will appear. Pick out the things you want to move, and a target for the merchendise. Remember that if the merchendise will have to be transported over land as wellm you have to put up road signs where you see the water. After that it will work by it self.

Q - Hello.....I'd like to ask you if you know anything about the bug wich converts my metal into pigs?
A - This is a part of the copy protection in the game. But if you have this problem and you have the original copy, you should be careful since your harddrive most likely is infected by the CIH-virus. Download the AVP-virus cleaner (available in our download section), search and remove all the viruses found, reinstall the game, and download and install the 1.23 patch, and you'll have no problems in the future (hopefully).

Q - Do you know if or why one can't save in multiplayer LAN games. Is it possible somehow?
A - This isn't possible yet. But in the coming update of the game, this feature willbe implemented.

Q - Could you mail me a serial number for settlers 3? I lost mine!!! f*cking washing machine!!! ?
A - An actual mail sent to Roberth. But it's only one of many mails from people using/making illegal copies of S3 around the world.
If it's true that you have washed your Settlers 3 instruction book, please write a mail to Blue Byte, and see if they can do anything about this..

Q - When I build woodcutter and gets it works, the woodcutter cuts all the trees... So what do I do? I build a forester, but the woodcutter does NOT cut the trees, what am I doing wrong?
A - This is one of the bugs in the first version of the game. Download the 1.23 patch or a later one, and the problem will disappear.

Q - I wanna play multi-player but I can't find players and I don't know how to open a multi-player game.
A - First of all, you'll have to create a new player by clicking on New Playes and choose a password to your specific player. After that you just join and woops, a new screen appears where you can choose between different channels, such as the english channel (haha), and you can see how many players that are online on that channel. After that you'll have to try and find some nice people to play with..

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