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7 January 1999

Settlers 3 Village

7 January 1999 -The first cheat to Settlers 3
Yes, at least. This is a little program that enable skipping levels in Settlers 3 mission mode. Download it in my cheats section. Thanks to Dave Stemerdink for this one.

6 January 1999 -New link
Not so many news today. Just added a link to Settlers 3 Tower.

5 January 1999 -Netscape users can now see my page
Yes, that true. At least I have solve the problem for all of you that uses Netscape. But my page is made for Internet Explorer and it looks much better with it.

My page is visited by 600-700 people every week. Thats why I have decided to try update this page every day from now.

I added two Settlers 3 clans to my links section, The SurvivorZ and Clan Chatzuk.

5 January 1999 -Some new links
I have added a new review of Settlers 3. You can take a look at it here. I also added the new page Settlers 3 Online Club to my links.

And now to the bad news. I have found a bug in my page. You can´t see the page if you are using Netscape. I´m trying to fix this. If there is anyone who knows what the problem is, I would be glad if you mail me and help me with that.

4 January 1999 -Settlers 3 Tournament
Okey. I had some problem with it at the beginnig. But now its okey again. Just click here if you wanna join.

4 January 1999 -New layout
I have made a big update with the whole page. I had moved the news section to the mainscreen. I will in the future try to update this page as often that I can. If there is any kind of questions about this new layot, maybe some bugs, then please tell me about them.

3 January 1999 -New links
The new page Settlers 3 Battlefield was added to my links.

28 December 1998 -New maps
Added 2 maps from Bluebyte.

16 December 1998 -Official update avalible
I added Pete´s reveiw of Settlers 3. The official update 1.23 to Settlers 3 is now avalible in my files section.

25 November 1998 -New layout
A whole new layout to my page. Even a new map called The Wars where added in my maps section.

20 November 1998 -Settlers 3 is released
This day is the day we all have been waiting for.

3 November 1998 -This page was born
This is the day when World of Settlers was born.

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