Site name                                                                                Ratings
Settlers 3 Temple Pretty and great page.                                        4/5
Settlers 3 Heaven Very good page. It´s not updated very often.         3/5
Settlers 3 Village Amazing!                                                            5/5
Settlers 3 Palace Diffrent page. Not so much on it yet.                     2/5
Settlers 3 Castle Nice little page.                                                    3/5
Settlers 3 Battlefield A great page with a very good layout.                3/5
Settlers -The Weaponsmithy Great page.                                        4/5
Mark´s Settlers 3 Site Nice and clean page.                                     3/5
Settlers 3 Online Club Cool page.                                                   3/5
Settlers 3 Tower New page, not so much on it yet.                           3/5
Blue Byte Blue Byte´s homepage.                                                   4/5
www.settlers3.comThe official Settlers3 site.                                    5/5

Settlers 3 Clans
The SurvivorZ My own clan. (Swedish)
Clan Chatzuk (English)